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Online Bridge


***  Thursday online sessions are temporarily suspended  ***


All our Thursday online sessions are held on the modern RealBridge platform.

This allows sight and sound communication between the four players at the table using your device's camera and microphone/speakers.

To join one of our sessions click on the link below and you will be taken directly there.  You do not need to pre-agree a convention card with your partner.

After clicking one of the links below you will be presented with a login page: enter your name and EBU number, then click login.  Sit down opposite your partner if he or she is waiting, or choose an empty pair of seats and just wait.

To play in the Thursday evening supported pairs starting at 7:15pm, click HERE.

Please login 15 minutes before the session is due to start, giving the Director time to organise the movement efficiently.


Please note our club policy regarding 'Undos':

During the auction we will always accept an Undo if the requestor made a mechanical error.

The request must be made promptly, within 3-4 seconds, and must certainly be made before partner next bids.  You are not entitled to ask for an Undo if you have simply changed your mind.

During the play we will never accept an Undo.

Although this might just be a mechanical error, there would be many relevant factors to take into account if an Undo were to be considered.  You have to accept that the card you first play to a trick will be the only card you ever play to that trick.