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District 19

The ACBL is the governing body for organized bridge in North America. To help with organization, it is divided into UNITS. DISTRICTS are then created to administer regional activities within an assigned geographical area.

District 19, covers most of Alaska, BC, and Washington and includes 24 units. Districts are administrative areas for the purposes of regionals, GNT, NAP, and disciplinary matters.

The governing body for District 19 - District 19 Organization (DINO) - is made up of elected representatives from our units, and is responsible wholly or in part for the planning and execution of bridge law, government and organization at all levels. One member of DINO also sits on the ACBL Board of Directors.

DINO successfully meets the challenges of a district which crosses and international border, deals in two kinds of currency and must operate according to the dictates of a variety of governmental organizations. The board is an active energetic and interested group of volunteers who have invested a lot of time and energy in the present and future health of the game of bridge. We can all be proud of our membership in District 19 and the commendable efforts of our DINO Board.