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LBA/LBC/ET AL 10:00 Open
LBA/LBC/ET AL 1:30 Open
Pooled Clubs

Louisiana Bridge Association
Lightman Bridge Center
Baton Rouge Bridge Club
Les Amis (New Iberia)
Acadiana Duplicate Bridge (Lafayette)
Gulfport Club House
Vanderbilt Bridge Club
Germantown Bridge Club

Huntsville Bridge 
Jackson Bridge Assn
Pensacola DBC
Mobile Bridge Center
Blackwater Duplicate
Gulf Shores DBC
Eastern Shore DBC
Hot Springs Village


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Welcome to LBA/LBC ET AL
Calendar Summary

Spring Schedule

9:45 499er (18 boards) M, W, F, Sa Su
9:45 0-750 (18 boards) Tu, Thu
9:55 1999er(18 boards) M, W, F 

10:00 Open (18 boards) M, Tu, W, Thu, F, Sa, Su
1:15 199 (18 boards) Tuesday only
1:15 299 (18 boards) M, W, F
1:15 499er (18 boards)  Th only
1:15 0-750 (18 boards) Saturday
1:25 0-750 (18boards) Mon, Tues, Fri 
1:25 1999er (18 boards)  Th only
1:30 Open (18 boards) M - Sat
2:00 Swiss  (20 boards) Su only
6:50 299er (18 boards) Tu, W
6:50 Open (18 boards) M, Tu ,W
6:50 Open (20 boards) Swiss, Th

All Wednesday games are Grand Slam Pot games and cost $5.35.All other games are $5.
We hope to see you at our virtual club games!  
Sherrie Goodman, 504-329-7411

April Novice Winners

  • 0-100 winner was Maneck Contractor with 4.57 MPS.
  • 100-200 winner was Billie Gaia with 7.18 MPS.
  • 200-300 winners were Judith & Phil Luchsinger with 6.5 MPS.  
  • 300-500 winner was Debbie Reily with 6.63 MPS.

Ace of Virtual Clubs May Leaderboard

John Onstott 149.16
Jack Wynns 143.67
Connie Spector 117.75
David Albrecht 116.11
Larry Jackson 114.29
Linda Green-Whitten 107.09
Paul Freese 102.93
Thomas Turgeon 92.49
Mike Cook 91.94
Merrie Alexander 91.91

Grand Slam Winners Last Week
Joyce McMonagle, Larry Alexander, Denise Fuselier, Audrey Cerise, Ann Jennings and Philip Russo

​​​​​​Thursday Night
Curtis Carpenter, James Bush, Jay Segarra, Michael Moses

Sunday Afternoon
Dan Lustig, Larry Jackson, Joyce McMonagle & Larry Alexander

Contact Information

Pooled Virtual Online Club
VACB221739 LBA/LBC ET AL at 
Pool Master Sherrie Goodman,, 504-329-7411

To Find our games - See Left Side Bar
To Sign Up for Our Mailing List - Click Here  
Website urls:,,,
Website/Emails - Sharon Ohsfeldt, 901-590-7946


Mark Your Calendar

  • June 5-18 – North American Pairs (NAP) club-level qualifying, 2x points, ½ red and ½ black
  • June 24-25 The Longest Day weekend 2x points
  • July 3-16 – North American Pairs (NAP) club-level qualifying, 2x points, ½ red and ½ black
  • August 7-13 Silver Linings Week, 150% regular club points, 100% silver
  • August 14-27 - North American Pairs (NAP) club-level qualifying, 2x points, ½ red and ½ black 
  • September 1-February 29 – Grand National Teams (GNT) Club-level Qualifying, 2X points, ½ red and ½ black, every Sunday afternoon @2:00 CST & every Thursday night @6:50 CST
  • September 11-17 International Fund Week – 2X Points

New Life Masters

Beth Derrick Janice Naftilan Dorothy Pace Steve Plotkin
Anne Slosky Lucinda Stentz Gina Stoves  


Rank Advancements   

Mona Miller Junior Master
Vicki Empting Club Master
Joyce Bess Sectional Master
Matt Giffin Sectional Master
Janet Kramer Sectional Master
Gaynell Lawrence Sectional Master
Kitty Murphy Sectional Master
Jacqueline Dennis Regional Master
Iona Erickson Regional Master
Nancy Holyfield Regional Master
Ann Jennings Regional Master
Jack Kienzle Regional Master
Jennifer Mize Regional Master
Dee Patterson Regional Master
Yvonne Whitman Regional Master
Dixie Boston NABC Master
Carolyn Dubois NABC Master
Daniel George NABC Master
Sherry Kinkopf NABC Master
Catherine Landers NABC Master
Ashlyn Meneguzzi NABC Master
Bill Booth Adv NABC Master
Connie Booth Adv NABC Master
Jean Hendrix Adv NABC Master
Barbara Hitt Adv NABC Master
Beverly Leiser Adv NABC Master
Paul Weir Adv NABC Master
Sharon Wood Adv NABC Master
Beth Derrick Life Master
Janice Naftilan Life Master
Dorothy Pace Life Master
Steven Plotkin Life Master
Anne Slosky Life Master
Lucinda Stentz Life Master
Gena Stoves Life Master
Irene Lowe Bronze Life Master
Dorothy Pace Bronze Life Master
Valerie Schlesinger Bronze Life Master
Doris Philamalee Silver Life Master
David Alan Smithfield Gold Life Master
Mark Crumrine Diamond Life Master
Jill Marshall Platinum Life Master