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#14057 LBA/LBC/ET AL 9:45 CST 0-750
LBA/LBC/ET AL 10:00 Open
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Louisiana Bridge Association
Lightman Bridge Center
Baton Rouge Bridge Club
Les Amis (New Iberia)
Acadiana Duplicate Bridge (Lafayette)
Gulfport Club House
Vanderbilt Bridge Club
Germantown Bridge Club

Huntsville Bridge 
Jackson Bridge Assn

Pensacola DBC

Mobile Bridge Center

Blackwater Duplicate

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Welcome to LBA/LBC ET AL

February Novice Winners

  • 0-100 winner was Brenda Parnell with 3.97 MPS.
  • 100-200 winner was Billie Gaia with 8.45 MPS.
  • 200-300 winner was Karen Stettler with 10.14 MPS.  
  • 300-500 winner was Anne Brunson with 10.04 MPS.

Ace of Virtual Clubs February Leaderboard

John Onstott 51.91
Jean Talbot 38.33
Connie Spector 35.11
Linda Green-Whitten 34.8
Larry Jackson 34.22
Jack Wynns 32.5
Mike Cook 31.14
Thomas Turgeon 29.78
Bob Allard 28.36
David Albrecht 27.27

Grand Slam Winners Last Week
Elizabeth Sewell & Sherrie Goodman

​​​​​​Thursday Night
Nelson Daigle, David Woods, Colleen Walker, Daisy Vandenburgh
Sunday Afternoon
John Onstott, James Krekorian, Jack Wynns, Thomas Turgeon

Calendar Summary


9:45 499er (18 boards) M, W, F, Sa Su
9:45 0-750 (18 boards) Tu, Thu
9:55 1999er(18 boards) M, W, F 
10:00 Open (18 boards) M, Tu, W, Thu, F, Sa, Su
1:15 199 (18 boards) Tuesday only
1:15 299 (18 boards) M, W, F
1:15 499er (18 boards)  Th only
1:15 0-750 (18 boards) Saturday
1:25 0-750 (18boards) Mon, Tues & Wed 
1:25 1999er (18 boards) Th
1:30 Open (18 boards) M - Sat
2:00 Swiss  (20 boards) Su only
6:50 299er (18 boards) Tu, W
6:50 Open (18 boards) M, Tu ,W
6:50 Open (20 boards) Swiss, Th
6:50 Open (18 boards) Fri night
All Wednesday games are Grand Slam Pot games and cost $5.35.All other games are $5.

We hope to see you at our virtual club games!  
Sherrie Goodman, 504-329-7411

Contact Information

Pooled Virtual Online Club
VACB221739 LBA/LBC ET AL at 
Pool Master Sherrie Goodman,, 504-329-7411

To Find our games - See Left Side Bar
To Sign Up for Our Mailing List - Click Here  
Website urls:,,,
Website/Emails - Sharon Ohsfeldt, 901-590-7946


District 10 Charity Awardees


Sherrie Goodman Dan Graham


District 10 Good Will Awardees

Larry Federico Becky Lowen Jackie Madden Sharon Ohsfeldt


Rank Advancements                                      

Beth Bayer Junior Master                             
Maneck Contractor Junior Master
George Hancock Club Master
Deborah Lloyd Club Master
Gary Lloyd Club Master
Aida Costner Sectional Master
Paul Snow Sectional Master
Julia Cavalier Regional Master
Wendell Cavalier Regional Master
Ann Gibson Regional Master
Leslie Lanusse Regional Master
Jim Pfeiffer Regional Master
Warren Wurzburg NABC Master
Rebecca Ingle  Newest Life Master 
Ueli Geissmann Bronze Life Master
Nancy Speer Ruby Life Master
Drew Cavalier Sapphire Life Master                 



  • April 10-16 Charity Foundation Week 2X points
  • April 24-30 Silver Linings Week, 150% regular club points, 100% silver
  • May 8-14 Grass Roots FUNd Week 2X points
  • June 1- August, 31 – North American Pairs (NAP) club-level qualifying, 2x points, ½ red and ½ black
  • June 24-25 The Longest Day weekend 2x points
  • August 7-13 Silver Linings Week, 150% regular club points, 100% silver
  • September 1-February 29 – Grand National Teams (GNT) Club-level Qualifying, 2X points, ½ red and ½ black
  • September 11-17 International Fund Week – 2X Points