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Welcome to LBA/LBC ET AL
Calendar Summary

June 3-9

NAP Qualifier Games 1/2 Red 1/2 Black 

9:45 499er M - Sun
9:55 0-2500 M - Sun

10:00 Open M - Sun

1:45 499er M - Sat
1:55 0-2500 M - Sat
2:00 Open M - Sat

2:00 Swiss  Sun
4:00 499er M - Sun
4:10 2500 M - Sun
4:15 Open M - Sun
6:50 499er M  Sun

6:50 Open (18 boards) M-W, F - Sun

6:50 Open (20 boards) Swiss, Th

All games are $6 this week.
We hope to see you at our virtual club games!  
Sherrie Goodman, 504-329-7411

Rank Advancements  

Wanda Hogan Junior Master
Diana Lewis Junior Master
Elizabeth Macdiarmid Junior Master
Beth Harrington Club Master
Robert Herbert Club Master
Albert Solomon Club Master
Cathy Duncan Sectional Master
Dianne Lindsay Sectional Master
Modena Martin Sectional Master
Ellis Murov Sectional Master
Adesh Jain Regional Master
Anthony Pastor Regional Master
Cliff Schornak Regional Master
Conde Devine NABC Master
Catherine Favret NABC Master
Gail Frasier NABC Master
Ann Gibson NABC Master
Laura Lonergan NABC Master
Judith Luchsinger NABC Master
Philip Luchsinger NABC Master
George Rice NABC Master
Gordon Brown Adv NABC Master
Deborah Chase Adv NABC Master
Elaine Frisbie Adv NABC Master
Debbie Reily Adv NABC Master
Melissa Rowe Adv NABC Master
Barbara Hitt Life Master
Jenny Hornby Life Master
Warrene Gambino Bronze Life Master
Thomas Wilson Bronze Life Master
Dorothy Nagel Silver Life Master
Deanna Stewart Silver Life Master
Derek Westwood Silver Life Master
Jerry Bertrand Ruby Life Master
Deborah Christian Ruby Life Master
Lynn Giordano Ruby Life Master
William Langston Ruby Life Master
Chris Sloan Gold Life Master
Bob Allard Diamond Life Master
J F Lowenstein Diamond Life Master
Swiss Team Results

Thursday Night Swiss winners:  David Cochener, Jonathan Young, Dot Blue, Linda Murdock
      Click here for total results

Sunday Afternoon Swiss winners: Matti Hietalahti, Ulf Nillson, Rahul Chandra, Ewan McNay
       Click here for total results


Mark Your Calendar

June 3-9 - NAP Qualifiers
        1/2 Red 1/2 Black $6

June 10 - 16 Silver Linings
       150% Silver MPS $6

June 22-23 The Longest Day
       200% Black $6

June 30 Fathers' Day Pop up
      1/2 Red 1/2 Black MPS $6

July 1-7 NAP Qualifiers
      1/2 Red 1/2 Black $6

August 5-11  NAP Qualifiers
      1/2 Red 1/2 Black $6

September 1 Labor Day Pop up
       1/2 Red 1/2 Black $6

September 9 - 15 International Fund
       200% Black  $6

September 23-29 NABC Fundraiser
      200% Black $6

September 30-October 6 Silver Linings
      150% Silver $6

October 21-27 Club Appreciation
      200% Black $6

November 11-16 Charity Fund
      200% Black $6

November 17  Pop up Thanksgiving
     1/2 Red 1/2 Black $6

December 16-22 Stardust
     1/4 Gold 3/4 Black $6

Come meet your online friends! 

Contact Information

Pooled Virtual Online Club
VACB221739 LBA/LBC ET AL at 
Pool Master Sherrie Goodman,, 504-329-7411

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Website urls:,
Website/Emails - Sharon Ohsfeldt, 901-590-7946

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Lightman Bridge Center
Baton Rouge Bridge Club
Les Amis (New Iberia)
Acadiana Duplicate Bridge (Lafayette)
Gulfport Club House
Vanderbilt Bridge Club
Germantown Bridge Club

Huntsville Bridge 
Jackson Bridge Assn
Pensacola DBC
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Eastern Shore DBC
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Lake Charles