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During the corona pandemic, all events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice

Lancashire has a bridge club in most major towns, with several clubs having a host system to ensure visitors can get a game. Contact details, club times are on the Clubs page though you should check before attending a new club. Beginners, intermediate classes are also listed on the Clubs page. This website has details of forthcoming competitions and results. Unaffiliated clubs may become a direct member of the EBU. This entitles you to play in Lancashire competitions, be eligible for Lancashire County Teams, and attend all Lancashire Council Meetings. Lancashire CBA has a data protection policy ref LCBA Privacy Notice.pdf


Pls contact the WebMaster for any omissions, corrections for the site.

Matches 2018
LCBA A Team Selections 2018
President's Cup Sat 30 June (1pm – 11pm) -  Sun 1 July (11:30am – 5:30pm) 2018 at East Midlands BC
J Brearley & R Shine
C Croswell & D Williams
J Pye & J Smith (Captain)
S Clarke & S Woodcock
Reserves – A Barnes & S Norris
NBL round 1: Sat 14 July 2018 at Sheffield Bridge Club
B Alston & C Mitchell
R Bentley & P Hepworth
C Croswell & D Williams
M Farr & J Morrell (Captain)
Reserves –
NBL round 2: Sat 11 August 2018 at Bradford Bridge Club
J Brearley & R Shine
M Farr & J Morrell
D Fazackerley & D Hilton
D King & M Nicholson (Captain)
Reserves –
NBL round 3: Sat 22 September 2018 at Bradford Bridge Club
S Woodcock & S Clarke
J Brearley & R Shine
M Tomlinson & L Smith
A Petrie & J Smith (Captain)
Reserves – C Croswell & D Williams
NBL round 4: Sat 6 October 2018 at Bolton Bridge Club
R Greenhalgh & S Norris
R Bentley & P Hepworth
M Farr & J Morrell
J Pye & J Smith (Capt)
Reserves –
A reminder that the NBL matches start at 12:30pm and finish about 6:30pm and that the Table Money is unchanged at £12:50 per player for the 2018 season.
LCBA B Team Selections 2018

Sat 14th July at Bradford BC, 12.30pm

M Nicholson (capt) & S Fanning

D Hilton & D Fazackerley

B Newall & B Ripley

N Sutcliffe & B Loveridge

Sat 11th August at Leeds BC, 12.30pm

S Challinor & T Wilkinson (capt)

J & A Wilkins

L Smith & M Tomlinson

P Worswick & D Hammonds

Reserves - B Carr & S Clarke

                   P Evans & A Whittam

Sat 22nd September at Keighley BC, 12.30pm

B Carr (capt) & M. Fay

A Lum & D Costich

P Worswick & D Hammonds

N Sutcliffe & B Loveridge


Sat 6th October at Bradford BC, 12.30pm

L Smith & M Tomlinson (capt)

J & A Wilkins

A Lum & D Costich

N Sutcliffe & B Loveridge


LCBA C Team Selections 2018


David Pendlebury (Captain) & Ken Renno
Andrew & Veronica Petrie
Des King & Mike Nicholson
Barry Brelsford & Jeremy Stanforth
Les Hoy & Brian Apfel
Bill & Hazel Winter
Barrie & Julia Newall
Stuart Clarke & Bill Carr
Mike Tomlinson & Bob Loveridge
John & Cath Ashworth

Duncan & Diane Ault