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Unit News
Unit Game

The next Unit Game is scheduled for Saturday, July 27, 2019.  There will be a potluck lunch at noon, followed by a game at 1:00.  The cost of the game is 50 pesos. Theme for the lunch is:  Italian!

Check out the Scorecard
Unit 205 now has a regular column in the District 16 newsletter, The Scorecard.  You can read the news by going to the District 16 website at and clicking on the Scorecard link.  So check it out.  You just may see your name in lights!  The Scorecard is published every other month.  
2018 Ace of Clubs
Unit 205 results in the 2018 Ace of Clubs for each player category are:

0 to 5 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Paul A Hohne Tlayacapan JA 10.02
Christian Valenzuela Puerto Vallarta JA 3.32

5 to 20 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

John G Betz Ajijic JA 92.67
Deborah J Camp-Simpson Ajijic JA 41.69
Mr John J Howard Ajijic JA 34.34
Lee Wagar Ajijic JA 15.92

20 to 50 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Joann Nash Chapala JA 14.30
John F Gray Ajijic JA 8.83
Mr Larry W Youell San Antonio JA 7.05
Ms Judy Brickman Ajijic JA 6.80

50 to 100 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Mrs Olga Kaplounenko Ajijic JA 50.57
Mr Jim Lightfoot Ottawa ON 15.64
Colin Hodgson Winnipeg MB 3.04

100 to 200 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Mr Donald J Van Rooy Ajijic JA 50.14
Mr Robert L Johnson Ajijic Ja 26.84
Nancy Segall Laredo TX 16.71
Mrs Ann H Klestadt Laredo TX 10.81
Mr Edwin Johnson Laredo TX 6.86

200 to 300 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Mrs Bernita E Cooper Laredo TX 32.69
Mrs Katherine Gunn Riveras 29.12
Miss Judith M Wells Chapala JA 27.39
Carol Van Parys Laredo TX 25.83
Mrs Frances A Records Chapala JA 10.04

300 to 500 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Mrs Cynthia C Thomson Victoria BC 49.69
Stephen Segall Laredo TX 29.99
Mr Iain R Morris Ajijic JA 24.78
Frank Paco Jordan Indio CA 17.60
Ms Mary Sue Torres Ajijic JA 13.05

500 to 1000 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Charles T Chartier Chapala JA 139.25
Dagmar Rettberg Chapala JA 113.02
Ms Jeane A Treloar Ajijic JA 98.82
Trudy G Crippen Ajijic JA 50.05
Mrs Janet E Mitchell Laredo TX 42.51

1000 to 1500 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

William B Heim Laredo TX 85.50
Mr Lewis M Crippen Ajijic JA 74.82
Mrs Donna J McElroy Chapala JA 65.16
Louise A Morel Chapala JA 48.32

1500 to 2500 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Ms Mary Ann White Laredo TX 130.21
Mr David E Hoogenberg Ajijic JA 64.58
Mr Donald G Ross Chapala JA 42.40

2500 to 3500 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Diane Van Brocklin Chapala JA 142.50
Mr Mike Roney Ajijic JA 112.75
Mr Thomas Gillett Laredo TX 90.42

3500 to 5000 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

N Richard Nelson Hot Springs Vlg AR 164.24
Mr Jimmy H Reynolds Laredo TX 144.88
Miss Mary L Anderson Chapala JA 103.74
Ms Doris Denny Chapala JaliscoMX 44.75

5000 to 7500 Ace of Clubs Masterpoint Race

Ms Norinne Anderson Nelson 163.97
Transatlantic Repositioning Cruise

April 19, 2019; 17 Nights

Galveston, Texas to Barcelona, Spain 

$945.85 a person based on double occupancy,  inside cabin.

10 days at sea to PLAY BRIDGE (or whatever),

A few stops including Barcelona

Option, stay on board.........12 Night Mediterranean,  great ports  starting $1,421.38 each

If anyone is interested, contact her directly at, or

Call Nadine at (669)123-4460 or

Royal Caribbean International at 1-800-465-3595 quote mzt bridge group #8934644

Unit Board Members
Your Unit 205 Board Members are:
Lew Crippen (President)
Mary Ann White (Secretary)
Charles Chartier (Vice President)
Donnie van Rooy (Treasurer)
Mollie Nadler
John Betz
Cindy Thomson
Jimmy Reynolds (Disciplinary Chair)