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Unit 205
Unit Games

Unit Games for 2024 are listed below.  There will be a potluck lunch at noon, and the game will start at 1:00.  $100 pesos.

January 27--Theme: Mexican
February 8--No potluck
March 23--Comfort Food
April 27--Theme: Salads
May 25--Theme: Bacon & Eggs
June 22--Theme:  Your Choice
July 27--Theme: Backyard BBQ
August 24--Theme: Italian
September21--Theme:  Asian 
October 26--Theme: Halloween
November 23--Theme: Thanksgiving
December 21--Theme: Your Choice

Hope to see you there!

Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney Standings
Unit 205 results in the 2023 Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney masterpoint races for each player category are:


Congratulations to all!

Unit Board Members

Your Unit 205 Board Members are:

Mary Ann White - President Lane Galloway - Vice President Donni Van Rooy - Treasurer
Neal Hayden - Secretary Lew Crippen  Nicci Beninger
Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes Annual General Meeting Minutes

Minutes 12-24
Minutes 10-23
Minutes 08-23
Minutes 06-23
Minutes 04-23
Minutes 02-23
Minutes 01-23
Minutes 12-22


AGM 1-23-24


More About Unit Games

  • Unit 205 is allotted 24 Unit Games to be used throughout the year
  • ACBL table fee:
    • Club regular game is $1.10
    • Unit Game is $2.35
  • Unit 205 games occur:
    • Typically, fourth Saturday of the month
    • During the week, to encourage other Unit 205 clubs to participate and to use our allotment

Unit Games during the week essentially replace what would have been a regular club game. If the Unit were to take the proceeds from this game, the Club would lose the revenue they would ordinarily get for their regular game.  In order for the Club not to lose revenue, the proceeds from any Unit Games held during the week are given to the Club.  It is up to the Club to pay the related table fees, and increase their price accordingly to collect the extra dollar from the players.  As proceeds of the game go to the club, and money the club earns from the sale of "punch cards" also goes to the club, there is no reason not to accept punch cards for Unit Games held during the week. 

Unit Games on Saturday strictly belong to the Unit.  The Unit keeps the proceeds from the game, as they have not taken a game away from the Club.  The Unit will pay the related table fees.  Whoever pays these to ACBL needs to notify the Unit Treasurer, the amount of the table fees, so that the Unit can reimburse the Club.  As the proceeds of the Saturday game go to the Unit, and money from the purchase of "punch cards" goes to the club, the Unit does not accept punch cards for Saturday unit games.

Updated:  3/11/23