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Welcome to King of Prussia Bridge Club

215 W. Church Rd., Suite 100, King of Prussia, PA 19406

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About Us

We are organized as a member owned, not for profit bridge club.  Our mission is to provide a venue for our members to enjoy a friendly game of duplicate bridge at a fair cost in a pleasant environment.  We also offer bridge lessons for new players and lessons for existing players desiring to improve their skills.

Latest News

 May Calendar Updates 

The Memorial Day game on May 27 will feature hot dogs, chicken salad, and assorted picnic favorites. Lunch at 11:30; game at noon.

Please Note: Beginning May 17, Friday and Saturday Mini–Lessons will start ten minutes earlier, at 9:20 AM instead of the former 9:30 start times. This is to allow sufficient time for the Friday Come Out and Play session and the Saturday duplicate game to start on schedule at 10 AM. 

 Bridge Lessons for Spring/Summer 2024  Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advancing player, we have a full program of classes to continue improving our bidding and play in 2024.

1. Lessons with Lisa

Lisa Mita will offer an additional 5–Lesson series on Thursdays from 9:30–11:30 AM beginning May 16. Topics include Forcing Bids by Opener and Subsequent Auction, Forcing Bids by Responder and Subsequent Auction, and Defensive Signals: Attitude, Count, & Suit Preference. Advance registration is recommended. A minimum of 8 students is required for the class to run. Email Lisa with any questions or to register at or call the Club at 610–232–2250. Click here for the flyer and complete details.

2. Interfering over 1NT with John Dickenson Register ASAP; Class will be postponed to fall if enrollment is insufficient.

Join John for a new 3–Lesson series on interfering over an opponent's strong opening 1NT, as well as how to handle the opponents' interference over your partner's opening 1NT.  The fee for each lesson is $30, attend any or all. Advance registration is recommended; a minimum of 8 students is required for the class to run. Email John with any questions or to register at or call the Club at 610–232–2250. Click here for the flyer and complete details.

3. Monday Evening Learn and Play with Linda O'Malley

Join Linda for a brand new Learn and Play opportunity on Monday evenings at 7 PM begining June 3. Linda will present a brief lesson followed by supervised play of selected hands to illustrate the concepts. The cost is $15 per session – just drop in when you like, you don't need a partner. Email Linda with any questions at or call 4849190425. Click here for the flyer and complete details.

 New! Expert Deal Analysis  Diamond Life Master Mark Henderson is offering expert analysis of deals played at the club that involve advanced topics. This addition to our website should be of interest to all levels of players. Most recent analyses can be reached from the main menu with the Expert Hand Analysis Button. Archived material can also be accessed from the main menu.

Recent hand analysis includes:

Board 12 May 7 “They Bid and Made a Grand”
Board 26 Tuesday May 7 “Unblocking on Defense”
Board 17 Sunday May 12 “It’s Not a Simple Game”

Board 23 Sunday May 12 “The Doubleton Honor”
Board 15 Tuesday May 14 “The Law in Action”


New! Thursday Post-game Review of Selected Deals 

Mark Henderson is giving in-person expert reviews of selected deals from the just–concluded Open Game every Thursday at the club. He will field and answer your questions with an emphasis on commonly encountered themes in bidding, declarer play, and defense. Conversation will center on advancing and intermediate players. 

 Additional Saturday Section for Advancing Players 

We have added a separate section to our Saturday game for players with no more than 20 masterpoints if the number of players is sufficient. Winners in the 0–500 section will get masterpoint awards based on the total number of tables in play in both sections.

 Points and Pointers  Join us on Wednesdays for Points and Pointers, a real duplicate game designed for beginning and advancing players. The game is limited to players with 0–50 ACBL Masterpoints. Each table will play the same boards at the same time, and the leader of the session will discuss each board immediately after it is played. The table fee is $15, and the game will run from 12 Noon to 3 PM. Register by emailing the Club at or call 610–232–2250. You can also register in person at the Director's desk.

Click here to open an online archive where you may view or download Instructor Deal Notes and Hand Records for previous weekly sessions.

 Free Mini–Lessons  Our popular Friday and Saturday Mini–Lessons are regular weekly events. Rex Saffer presents selected topics in offensive and competitive bidding, declarer play, and defensive principles from 9:20–9:50 AM (please note change in time!) before the Friday Come Out and Play session and again before the Saturday 0–500 Limited game. The conversations will focus on fundamentals and are directed toward advancing and intermediate players.

Rex maintains an online repository of the handouts distributed at lessons. Click here to view or download these documents.

 Come Out And Play  Just getting started with bridge? Now there are TWO opportunities to learn as you play! Join us on Friday and Saturday mornings from 10–11:30 am for a relaxed session of bridge. There will be no scoring, no masterpoints, and no pressure! – for only $10 per person. Come on out and drop in, no commitment or advance registration needed, and singles are welcome! Mentors will be available to answer any questions that may arise. This is a fun way to improve your bidding and play while meeting other advancing players.

 Game Results  You can see your Common Game results at left under the Menu, or click here to go straight to ACBL Live for Clubs.

We Are Open for Face to Face Play

In accordance with ACBL policy, the King of Prussia Bridge Club vaccination requirement will no longer be in effect. If your opponents are masked and request that you wear one too, please comply with the request graciously. As always, players who feel unwell should refrain from coming to the Club.

This is our current schedule:

Monday Special Games, as announced. Noon
Tuesday Open Game Noon
Wednesday 0–50 Game Noon
Thursday Open Game Noon
Friday Free Mini–Lesson
Come Out and Play
Open Game
9:30 AM
10:00 AM
Saturday Free Mini–Lesson
Come Out and Play
0–500 Game
9:30 AM
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
Sunday Open Game 12:30 PM

You can also view the Calendar from the Menu at left.

Table fees are $12 for Club members. Special games may carry a $1 surcharge. Please consider joining our email distribution list by clicking here. And do consider becoming a member for just $20 per year.

To reserve your place at a table, email us at or call the Club at 610–232–2250. Please leave a message with the names of your partnership pair and the game in which you wish to play. You can also sign up to play in our reservation binder on the Director's Desk at the Club.

Need a Partner?

To request a partner for an Open Stratified game, email the Club at with your name, playing level, phone number, and the game in which you wish to play. We will reply as soon as possible. You may also contact Lucia Nemer at if you need a partner for the Saturday 0–500 limited game.


Memberships are available for $20 and will entitle the member to a $2 discount on card fees.

There are generally three criteria necessary for successful execution of “the strip and end play “.

1. Enough trump: Draw Trump and have Trump remaining in each hand👍

2. The Strip: eliminate all but one side suit from both hands. Play 3 rounds of clubs and 2 rounds of spades.

3. The End Play: Here there are two options. If the last card you’ve played is the J♠ , then the opponent who wins will be end played. If South wins, they must give up a ruff-discard or free finesse. If North wins, and leads a diamond declarer must allow South to win, again end playing South.  If declarer prematurely loses the spade trick, he can recover but must win the last club in dummy.  Regardless of which diamond he leads covering North’s diamond play end plays South.