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5th April Newcomers

Well done all of you who joined our main session for the first time on 5th April from Monday mornings and Bill's lessons.

Helen was blessed with a partnerwho can't resist bidding every game that might be possible.  Sadly tonight more fell short than made.

David achieved what was needed as declarer on hands 18 & 20.

Karen & Carol had a good result on hand 26, keeping their nerve to make an overtrick when doubled.

Pat & Ed had a torrid time in  on their first two boards at table 3, but got a great outcome on hand 24 by going off in 4♠  when their opponents could make 3NT.

Eileen & Rosie did rather well in NT play on hands 29 & 30.

Karen & John bid and made what was there in hand 10 and succeeded on defeating a game in hand 24 that was made elsewhere.

Valerie & Linda defended stoutly and let no one get away with more tricks than they should.

Irene & Sylvia had a sound evening and should be pleased to have scored above 50%.


Knowle School of Bridge

Knowle School of Bridge



Bill Jones

In his twelfth year of spreading his love of the great game


For enquiries about training and other ways of developing bridge skills, please ring

01564 776 498

Bridge Courses
  • We offer courses in how to play the game of Bridge
  • Presented by Bill Jones - a leading local bridge teacher for the last 10 years
  • Suitable for people of all experience
  • Absolute beginners
  • Those who already have some knowledge of the game but seek to improve their Bridge
  • Professionally run weekly courses, split into terms
  • Onscreen presentations
  • Handouts
  • Practical exercises
  • Lots of playing practice
  • Lessons are conducted in a warm, relaxed, and co-operative atmosphere​
  • Providing a perfect grounding to progress from absolute beginner to playing regularly at a club or home
  • “An excellent course … an easy, friendly, relaxed learning environment”

        - Quote from attendee after a previous course

  • Held at the Knowle Village Hall
  • Plenty of adjacent free parking
  • Lessons take place on Wednesday nights and the year is structured in 'terms' starting in September and January.  It is strongly advised to begin at the start of the September term.
  • £35 for 12 x 2-hour lessons.  £5 early payment discount 
  • Attendees are also encouraged to attend our Easy Peasy bridge sessions on Monday mornings.  These combine experience of normal play sessions with the added advantage of being able to ask for help on any bidding or play situation which might arise. 

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