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5th April Newcomers

Well done all of you who joined our main session for the first time on 5th April from Monday mornings and Bill's lessons.

Helen was blessed with a partnerwho can't resist bidding every game that might be possible.  Sadly tonight more fell short than made.

David achieved what was needed as declarer on hands 18 & 20.

Karen & Carol had a good result on hand 26, keeping their nerve to make an overtrick when doubled.

Pat & Ed had a torrid time in  on their first two boards at table 3, but got a great outcome on hand 24 by going off in 4♠  when their opponents could make 3NT.

Eileen & Rosie did rather well in NT play on hands 29 & 30.

Karen & John bid and made what was there in hand 10 and succeeded on defeating a game in hand 24 that was made elsewhere.

Valerie & Linda defended stoutly and let no one get away with more tricks than they should.

Irene & Sylvia had a sound evening and should be pleased to have scored above 50%.


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6 May 2018.
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