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5th April Newcomers

Well done all of you who joined our main session for the first time on 5th April from Monday mornings and Bill's lessons.

Helen was blessed with a partnerwho can't resist bidding every game that might be possible.  Sadly tonight more fell short than made.

David achieved what was needed as declarer on hands 18 & 20.

Karen & Carol had a good result on hand 26, keeping their nerve to make an overtrick when doubled.

Pat & Ed had a torrid time in  on their first two boards at table 3, but got a great outcome on hand 24 by going off in 4♠  when their opponents could make 3NT.

Eileen & Rosie did rather well in NT play on hands 29 & 30.

Karen & John bid and made what was there in hand 10 and succeeded on defeating a game in hand 24 that was made elsewhere.

Valerie & Linda defended stoutly and let no one get away with more tricks than they should.

Irene & Sylvia had a sound evening and should be pleased to have scored above 50%.


Welcome to Knowle Bridge Club
Knowle Village Hall, St. Johns Close, Knowle, Solihull, B93 0HN
We average around 8 tables per night
There is unrestricted free parking outside
For individuals who require a partner for a given session, we have a system for helping you find one
For learners, improvers, and returners we organise an annual course in basic Bridge - running from September to April
We also run a weekly fun session every Monday morning, with the expert guidance on demand

7 May 2019

Headquarters at Knowle Village Hall



Knowle Village Hall, St. Johns Close, Knowle, Solihull, B93 0HN

We are in the centre of Knowle, close to Tescos at the end of the precinct.

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Movers and Shakers (AKA 'The Committee')

L to R: Faye Doble, Bill Jones, Paul Hardstaff, Tony Cundy

Missing - Mike Lynn and John Allen

Wed 21 Aug 2019
Scorer: Tony Cundy
Wed 14th August 2019
Scorer: Tony Cundy
Wednesday 7th August 2019
Scorer: Tony Cundy
Wed 31 Jul 2019
Scorer: Tony Cundy
Director: Bill Jones
Scorer: Paul Hardstaff