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Carson Cup
Previous Winners

2019-20   Jill Rushton and Robin Rose
2018-19   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2017-18   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2016-17   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2015-16   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2014-15   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2013-14   Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox
2012-13   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2011-12   Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox
2010-11   Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox
2009-10   Jeff Harrison and Bill Wallis
2008-09   Philip and Sally Wraight
2007-08   Irene and Ray Gregory
2006-07   Philip and Sally Wraight
2005-06   Alan Anderson and Bill Thomson
2004-05   Peter Brown and Malcolm Hartley
2003-04   Alan Anderson and Bill Thomson
2002-03   Russ Nixon and Gordon Skene
2001-02   George and Elsie Schofield
2000-01   Albert Williams and Jean Crawshaw
1999-00   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1998-99   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1997-98   Ralph and Anne Rogerson
1996-97   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1995-96   Jeannie Johnson and Ken Walker
1994-95   Ralph and Anne Rogerson
1993-94   Babs Matthews and David Strawbridge
1992-93   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1991-92   Babs Matthews and David Strawbridge
1990-91   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1989-90   Harry Davis and David Strawbridge
1988-89   Harry Davis and John Farmer
1987-88   Harry Davis and John Farmer
1986-87   Mary Cooney and Esdille Ross
1985-86   Brian Ellis and Rod Newman-Holden
1984-85   Geoff and Margo Gawith
1983-84   Brian Ellis and Rod Newman-Holden
1982-83   George and Alma Parkinson
1981-82   Robin Stretch and Peter Thompson
1980-81   George and Alma Parkinson
1979-80   Robin Stretch and Peter Thompson
1978-79   Paddy Carson and Jim Hall
1977-78   Paddy Carson and Jim Hall
1976-77   Paddy Carson and Joyce Turner
1975-76   Paddy Carson and Jimmy McEwan
1974-75   Bob Pattinson and Barry Stoker
1973-74   Lawrence Parkin and Howard Vaughan
1972-73   Peter and May Brown
1971-72   Frank Hoyle and Dorothy Johnston