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Summer Plate
Summer Plate

The Summer Plate qualifying sessions are the first 18 match-pointed pairs events on Monday evenings. The plate is awarded to the pair with the highest average of their best six percentage scores, adjusted for handicaps. Click here for more information.

The handicaps are based on NGS rankings at the end of the previous December. If your handicap is shown as DNQ it means that you don't have a qualifying handicap from NGS (either because you have chosen to be anonymous or you haven't played enough times) - if so and if you intend to play in the competition then please contact Mike Rothwell.
The following are the handicaps:
Click here to see the handicaps in handicap order.
Click here to see the handicaps in surname order.

Click here for the final results for 2018-19.

Previous Winners

The competition format for the  Summer Plate Trophy has  changed a number of times.

2018-19   Gay Talbot and Hilary Parker
2017-18   Judy Goodland and Laura Watson
2016-17   Robert Boyd and John Nicholls
2015-16   Robert Boyd and Harry Jarvis
2014-15   Andrew Smith and Andy Mason

The Summer Plate – Pairs
1995 - 2014

2013-14   Babs Matthews and John Farmer
2012-13   Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
2011-12   Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox
2010-11   Malcolm Hartley and Michael Cox
2009-10   John Farmer and Peter Mollart
2008-09   Joan Fox and Richard Brazier
2007-08   Richard and Judith Bird
2006-07   John and Wendy Ellwood
2005-06   Penny Porritt and Sue Solomon
2004-05   Betty Limb and Alma Parkinson
2003-04   Brian Ellis and Kath Hendley
2002-03   Alma Parkinson and Brian Ellis
2001-02   Alma Parkinson and Brian Ellis
2000-01   George and Elsie Schofield
1999-00   Brian Ellis and Kath Hendley
1995         Christine Richardson and Mary Anne Peden

The Summer Plate – Individual
1978 - 1993
1993   Betty Limb
1992   Alma Parkinson
1991   Clare Vaughan
1990   Harry Davis
1989   Peter Ford
1988   Brian Ellis
1987   Alma Parkinson
1986   Phyl Broadie
1985   Clare Vaughan
1984   George Schofield
1983   Jeannie Johnson
1982   Peter Brown
1981   Peter Brown
1980   Margo Gawith
1979   Jim Hall
1978   Paddy Carson