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2017 Laws

New laws came into effect on 1st August 2017. There are not many changes that players need to know about. If something goes wrong simply call the TD.
However, the 2017 laws introduce the concept of a "comparable call" which affects rulings on calls out of turn and insufficient bids. The EBU has produced a poster to help players understand what this means. You might find it useful to read it (click here) so that you are better placed for when the TD uses this term. But don't worry, the TD will help you if it crops up.

The new Blue Book (the EBU handbook of permitted understandings) is now available and also comes into force on 1st August. One change that will affect many Kendal players is that there are new requirements for a "Benji" 2♣ or 2 opening bid. Again, the EBU has produced a useful poster - click here to read it.

Please contact Mike Rothwell if you have any questions.