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Welcome to Kendal Bridge Club
  Kendal v Grange
Kendal v Grange

Kendal won its match played against Grange on Sunday 15th September 2019 by 64 IMPs.
The photo shows captains Sam Norman (Grange) and Chris Wilkinson with the Whitbarrow Cup.
Congratulations to the team.
Click here to see the full results (then click on Information for the teams results).

  Seminar - Cue Bids

Our next seminar led by Mike Rothwell will take place at AHSC on Sunday 6th October 2019 starting at 10:00am. It will cover various meanings of cue bids of the opponent's bid suit. They are a great way to improve your bidding. The seminar will also examine how to use cue bids when investigating slams. The cost will be £5. Please complete the form below if you wish to attend.

  Recent Results

The results from club, county and national competitions:

April 2019 Northern Easter Festival Mixed Pairs - 1st Dave Harrison and Jill Rushton
April 2019 Cumbria County Swiss Pairs 1st - John MacLachlan and Robin Rose
2nd - Sam Norman and Alan Anderson
3rd - Tim and Babs Matthews
March 2019 Westmorland County Pairs Jeremy Harris and John Ellwood
March 2019 Cumbria Congress Championship Pairs - 3rd John Farmer playing with David Strawbridge
March 2019 Cumbria Congress Swiss Teams - 2nd Babs Matthews (playing with Joyce White), Ian Reeves and Tim Matthews
March 2019 Cumbria Congress Consolation Pairs - 1st Martyn Harris and Philip Wraight
March 2019 Cumbria Congress Consolation Pairs - 3rd= Sam Norman and Alan Anderson
March 2019 Cumbria Congress Consolation Pairs - 3rd= Bob Bagot (playing with Maureen McConkey)
March 2019 Cumbria Congress Mixed Pairs - 2nd Carolynne and Alan Farmer
March 2019 Cumbria Congress Mens Pairs - 3rd John Ellwood and Jeremy Harris
March 2019 Cumbria Congress Ladies Pairs - 2nd Babs Matthews playing with Joyce White
March 2019 Wraight Handicap Cup Peter Goulding and Christine Ord-Smith
January 2019 Westmorland Individual Tim Farmer
December 2018 Westmorland County Teams Cup (Eva Wilde) Mike Rothwell, Sally-Ann Rothwell, David Strawbridge, John Farmer
December 2018 Ellis Cup Sally-Ann Rothwell, Mike Rothwell, Robin Rose, John MacLachlan
December 2018 Westmorland Pivot Teams Tim and Babs Matthews, Ken Johnston, Ian Reeves
December 2018 Carson Cup Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
November 2018 Kay Linford Memorial Cup Grant Bramwell
October 2018 Betty Limb Individual Robin Rose
September 2018 Cumbria/Westmorland Swiss Pairs - 1st Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell
September 2018 Wraight Handicap Cup Steve Barron and Andrew Peill
July 2018 Monday Cup Christine Ord-Smith and Peter Goulding
June 2018 Summer Cup Babs Matthews and John Farmer
June 2018 Summer Plate Judy Goodland and Laura Watson


18th September 2019
19th September 2019
Carson Cup 2
23rd September 2019
Director: Janice Hornby
Scorer: Gay Talbot
Stand-in: Dorothy Bayliss
Director: Alison Jones
Scorer: Alison Jones
Director: Chris Wilkinson
Scorer: Judith Johnston
Kendal v Grange