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Welcome to Ilminster Bridge Club
Ilminster Bridge Club
Ilminster Bridge Club

Welcome to Ilminster Bridge Club. Our club night is Tuesday and we meet in Speke Hall, Dowlish Wake.

We are proud of our reputation as a very friendly club and have members of all standards from improvers upwards.

There is a car park but we do ask you to park sensibly as spaces are limited.

We usually play a 24-board duplicate pairs session, with between seven and nine tables.

We like to start at 7pm prompt so arrival before 6.50pm would be appreciated so that the director can sort tables and the movement. 

We are not members of the EBU although we do follow their practice and guidance but dont issue master points.

We use an electronic scoring system so that results are available on the night.

We also operate a host system for those without a partner.



We are pleased to let you know that the club will reopen on Tuesday 10th August. 

 We will be welcoming all players, both old and new, to Speke Hall for face to face Bridge which we have all missed after such a long absence.


Many apologies for delay in posting last night's(21st Sept) results. There was a slight mix up with the movement which has resulted in an impossible task to score as normal!! We have however now calculated manually the actual scores which can be found below.

Many apologies again.

                                             Results 21 September 2021


    Position                                            Pair                                                  Score %

  North / South

    1                              Grahame Windsor & Malcolm Hubbard                       55.57

    2                              Trevor & Brenda Hampshaw                                        54.58

    3                               Wendy Ledingham & Marlise Kirkpatrick                    51.62

    4                               Derek & Felicity Larner                                                47,29

   5                               Jill Lang & Angela Sissons                                           46.95

    6                              Nigel Clark & Don Darby                                              43,99



1                                   Cyndi Harris & Rachel Pantling                                    55.29

2                                    Roger Tadema & Gill Spence                                      55.04

3                                    Sarah Uzzell & Wendy Groves                                    54.25

4                                    Nigel Hamlyn & Di Gallagher                                       46.39

5                                    Hilary Lawrence & Len Parsons                                   44.86

6                                    Mary & David Carstairs                                                44.17

Special Message
26th October 2021
Duplicate Pairs
2nd November 2021
Duplicate Pairs
9th November 2021
Duplicate Pairs
Bournemouth Wednesday am
Director: Mike Dobson
Scorer: Mike Dobson
bournemouth wed pm
Director: Mike Dobson
Scorer: Mike Dobson
Bournemouth Tuesday am
Director: Mike Dobson
Scorer: Mike Dobson