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On-Line duplicate pairs

Our on-line duplicate pairs sessions start Monday 6th July.  The county sessions start Wednesday 1st July.

Bridge Ladder

The Bridge ladder started Sunday 10th May.  You can still enter (at the bottom of the ladder!) - please contact Lynn

The full rules are shown on this site under 'Competitions' but please note the following:

  You may challenge a pair up to 3 places above you in the ladder as shown on this site at 9:00 am on Saturday unless you are in the top 4 places when you may challenge a lower pair.

  All challenges must be made between 9:00am on Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday.

  Challenges must be emailed to both members of the pair challenged and copied to Lynn.

  Challenges will be accepted on a first come first served basis according to the order in which they appear in Lynn's inbox. 


Following the latest goverment advice the Committee has decided to cancel all Monday night bridge sesssions until further notice.

County Individual Final

Congratulations to David & Malcolm who finished 1st and 2nd respectively.

Andrew Robson's articles

A link to Andrew's articles has been added under 'Useful Links'.

County Events

The calendar for 2019-20 can be downloaded from the website

British Winter Sims

Out of 739 pairs nationally, Huntingdon had 3 pairs in the top hundred with Stephen and Michael the highest ranked at no. 19.

Club Championship Teams 2020

Congratulations to Jenny, David, Charles & Yvonne - Club Teams Champions for the second year in a row.



Do you need a partner?   If so, why not use the partner finding service under the 'Membership' menu above.   Or, if you prefer, you can contact Lesley Cole who will help you with this service.

If you are a member of the club and don't yet have access to the members' area, click on the 'Membership'  menu item and then enter your name, email address or EBU Number and click 'Set Password' - follow the instructions to get a link sent to your email address to enable you to create a password.



Huntingdon Bridge Club does not offer bridge classes.  But, if you are interested in learning, then Yvonne Palfrey can help.  Look under 'Information' then 'Lessons'.


Stretford Bridge Club holiday details can be found via the Useful links menu

(Huntingdon Bridge Club will receive 5% commission for advertising these holidays)

Online Bridge Ladder
Online Bridge Ladder


Started Sunday 10th May.  If you wish to enter please contact Lynn.

Here are the positions at the start of week 10 - any further entrants will be added to the bottom of the ladder


Bridge Ladder Week 10

1 Eddie Humphreys eddie1963 Michael Krause redkiteuk
2 Malcolm Anderson Lamoria Stephen Goodwin Puddah
3 Elaine McLeod ElaineMac2 Carol Ombler Tearaway43
4 Lynn Bouchier Lynn61 Roberta Paterson mrsP64
5 Yvonne Palfrey Sparrow09 Gill Davies Utopia26
6 Lesley Cole Que10PLM Mary Mills Mary Carol
7 Peter Somerfield pupwood Barbara Tallboys atom25
8 Dennis Collins DJ1409 Claire Walton deweyc
9 Ian Hill Ian StIves Moira Clarke gru gru
10 David Joy drj44 Marilyn Howells Homeworker
11 Jim Mynott acgs1a4 David Williams hartfordd
12 Ian Young ianyoung84 Jo Hastings Spotty19