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Mar 13, 2020 10:51 EDT
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 Welcome to our new website

Welcome to Humber Valley DBC
Humber Valley Bridge Suspended
Humber Valley Bridge Suspended

Tuesday afternoon bridge games at Humber Valley United are suspended for a number of weeks.

COVID-19 is starting to spread in our city, we can’t risk the health of our players, and we want to help slow the spread of the virus.

I am sure you are all watching the news carefully. Please stay in touch with your friends, especially those living alone. And stay healthy. 

Susanne Hynes nd the Executive of the HVDBC, March 13, 2020

Winter/Spring Start-up for 2020 for HVDBC
Winter/Spring Start-up for 2020 for HVDBC

The Winter/Spring bridge session at

Humber Valley United Church 
began January 7, 2020.

Games have been suspended until further notice because of COVID-19

2018-2019 Executives
2018-2019 Executives


President: Susanne Hynes 

Treasurer: Mary Angleson 

Social: Margaret Markham 

Members at Large: Joyce Peters, John Parsonage 


Humber Valley Dupicate Bridge Club
Humber Valley Dupicate Bridge Club

This website allows us to see our results for each board vs every pair we played. It shows the details of what was possible to make on each board and how we fared vs. everyone else sitting in our direction.

By checking these results, it is hoped that you and your partner can discover what things you did right in your bidding and play, and also create a dialogue on what needs improvement and how you can accomplish that.

Go ahead. Click on the "Results" on the left panel or on the "Latest Results" on the right. 

Click on "Personal Analysis"  above left to see what results you have achieved over the past many games

Discover things you didn't already know about your game!

Click on the information link on your left for our membership list and committee contacts.

Game Times
Game Times

We play every Tuesday afternoon  at 12:15 pm

Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
Tuesday Afternoon Pairs