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We are a friendly club in central Horsham and welcome members and visitors of all standards.

Because of Covid we are playing online on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday afternoons. We have a beginners session on Mondays.

For more information email

FRIDAY Standby System

Need a partner for Friday?

Email or ring 07816 951319 to let us know which Friday
then turn up and someone will be there to give you a game.

Alternatively Jo Waddingham provides a partner finding service or there's Pianola.

ps standbys always needed, thank you.

Why not try Partner Finder in Pianola.

You can choose who you would like to invite.

For step by step instructions click the title above.

Alternatively contact Jo Waddingham

Convention Cards

Both you and your partner should have fully completed convention cards and these should be available to your opponents to read if they wish.

Click to go to the EBU website where draft Benji Acol, simple systems or blank cards can be downloaded in Word and modified to suit your system.

Alternatively please complete the front and back of the score cards provided.

Thank you.

Members Message Board

Use the message board to pass on your messages to other members. Click on Members Only link above, use the club password or email then create yourself a password and write your message.

Forthcoming Events

There are a number of events coming up. Please see the left hand side of the page for details. 

Metropolitan Cup Players

Well done to those Horsham players selected to play for Sussex in the Metropolitan Cup on 29 November. 

Mick Carrington, Duncan Curtis, Andy Morris, Jane Handley, Alan Setchell, Jim Downes and Josie Allen 

Good luck all. 

Well Done Horsham

Very well done to everyone in the 12 Horsham teams who played in the match against Tunbridge Wells.

Horsham BC won by plus 25.


HBC Online Programme

Tuesdays 7pm, 24 boards

Wednesdays 2pm, 18 boards

Thursdays 7pm 18 boards

BB$4 all regular sessions


New Monthly Online Competitions

2nd Tuesdays the Norman Cup, individual 
Must play with at least 2 partners to qualify

2nd Thursdays, the Gould Bowl pairs

Both competitions handicapped based on how well you do in relation to your NGS

Horsham BC vs Hitchin BC

Horsham challenged Hitchin to an online match and six teams from HBC played and won by a very handsome margin.

Well done everyone who played and watch out for future announcements as we need players of all abilities. 


We're getting about 16 tables each session and it's really good to see people even if only on line. 

18 boards on BBO every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm

107 have signed up to play so far
Just email to join

Keep well and stay safe everyone.

3rd Nov 2020
7:00 pm
4th Nov 2020
2:00 pm
5th Nov 2020
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