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Bulletin: Weather Info
Winter Weather Advisories


The winters in Highlands can have snow at a moment's notice, making the roads unusable for several hours.  If you are concerned about the access to Highlands, tune your radio to WHLC FM 104.5 or call the Highlands Recreation Center at 828-526-3556.


HDBC Zero Tolerance Policy

HDBC Board policy* for violation of Zero Tolerance follows the Club Regulations, Roman Numeral III, found in the HDBC Bylaws:
"The director is responsible for strict enforcement of ZERO TOLERANCE FOR RUDENESS. (See Law 74 Conduct and Etiquette, ACBL
Laws of Duplicate Bridge, 2017, pp. 83-84). After one warning of a rudeness infraction from the director, an additional infraction within six
months of the initial infraction shall subject an offender to such penalty as imposed by the Board of Advisors.  A penalty may be imposed after
hearing from offender(s), director, and any persons witnessing the objectionable conduct."

*Director discretion is allowed, per Duplicate Law 91, if the DIC determines that any offense warrants a less or a more serious penalty.



The cost of each game is $5 for HDBC members and $7 for guests.  There is no additional fee for participation in Special Games, which provide increased masterpoints for winners. 

New Memberships and Renewal Memberships are the same, i.e., $20 for the year (January 1 - December 31).  If you wish to join HDBC between May and October (peak sesason), please contact Cathie Bartinikas, HDBC Membership Chair for an application and directions for submitting.  Between November through April each year, both renewals and new memberships will be be announced (and collected) during our off-season games.




Friday morning 499er NON-LIFE MASTER - Games are held each summer/fall season, from first Friday in June through the last Friday in October (provided attendance warrants we continue til end of October) .

This year (2020),  499er NLM Game will begin Friday, June 5th at 9am.  Please be seated no later than 8:50.  The first two games (June 5th and 12th) will not have a lesson preceding the game.  Complimentary lesssons will begin the 3rd Friday in June - June 19th.
          499er Lessons will include:
                  *Differentiating 4th Seat Openings for a Full Opening Hand vs a Rule of 15 Hand;
                  *Reviewing 3 Popular Conventions:  Jacoby 2NT, Splinters, and New Minor Forcing
                  *Completing Patrick O'Connor's Defense Strategies
Should you have questions, suggestions, or comments please contact Brenda Manning,



Click here for info on the Bridgewebs iPhone app. You can view results from Highlands DBC as well as other clubs using Bridgewebs while away from your computer.

Welcome to Highlands Duplicate Bridge Club


Highlands, NC is a small town on a 4,000 foot  plateau in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains. It is approximately 2 hours north of Atlanta GA and about 1.5 hours south of Asheville, NC. From a winter population of around 3,000, the town swells to about 30,000 in the summer due to its reputation as summer camp for adults. Duplicate bridge has been part of the town for over twenty years. Sanctioned games are held Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 1pm throughout the year. Please be seated by 12:50pm.  And a novice/intermediate game (499ers Non-Life Masters) is scheduled June-October on Friday mornings at 9am - Please be seated no later than 8:50am.  




          IN FEBRUARY, we will participate in two STaC games on Wednesday, February 5 and Friday, February 7.   Winners of STaC games receive Silver points.

We will also hold two charity games in February.  Friday the 21st proceeds will benefit an ACBL national charity.  Our local charity, THE HIGHLANDS FOOD PANTRY will receive a donation after the game on Wednesday the 26th.

          IN MARCH, we will participate in two Club Championship games on Wednesday, March 18 and Friday, March 20. 

We will also hold two charity games in March.  Wednesday the 4th proceeds will benefit an ACBL national charity.  Our local charity, THE HIGHLANDS FOOD PANTRY will receive a donation after the game on Friday the 6th.

SPECIAL GAMES HDBC POLICY:  No extra fee for special games.     The standard fee for all HDBC games:  HDBC MEMBERS $5; GUESTS $7. Please either (1)JOIN HDBC , (2)RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP or (3) PAY $7 GUEST FEES FOR EACH GAME. The cost to join or renew is only $20 annually. Dues are renewable at the beginning of the calendar year but dues can be paid any time during the year.  

Should you have any questions about the special games, please contact Club Manager Delores Bode (   



Special games that provide extra masterpoints will be offered all year at Highlands Duplicate Bridge Club.  These include: 

 Junior Fund games

♠ North American Pairs, 

 International Fund games,

♣ Jane Johnson Appreciation games,

 Club Membership games,

♠ Club Championships,

 ACBL and Local Charity games,

♣ STAC games, and

 Grass Roots. 

Each month specific games are listed below.  Check this out to see what is happening, month by month. 


Please be careful entering and also checking scores.  This responsibility lies with both N/S and also E/W.

When a score is entered on the BridgeMate by North and approved by either East or West, this accepted score will remain as posted, unless a correction is received via email within 24 hours after the score was posted on the website.  Before the score can be corrected by Cecil Hines ( or Joan Braender ( one of the players from both sides (Either N/S and Either E/W) must confirm that this correction is due.  It is the responsibility of the player making the correction to secure confirmation from their opponent(s) and to have one or both opponents notify the Club Manager.  Thank you. 




Game Schedule
Game Schedule


ACBL-sanctioned games are held on Wednesday and Friday afternoons beginning at 1:00 pm at the Highlands Recreation Center on the north side of US 64, two blocks east of Main Street all year - January-December.   We do not take reservations but players should be there before 12:30 in the summer and at least fifteen minutes before 1:00 in the winter. We are a zero-tolerance club and have non-playing paid directors in the summer months. In the winter, directors play and direct at their option. Coffee is available in the game room. Light snacks are available at our games.     Our games are usually over by 4:30 pm.  In the summer months, beginning first Friday in June each year, there is a 499erNLM game, at 9am (seated by 8:50am)  with an accompanying, complimentary class, taught by Brenda Manning, beginning the third Friday in June each year - Class is 8:20 until 8:50am. 

For more information about Wednesday and Friday afternoon Open games, contact Highlands Duplicate Bridge Club Manager Delores Bode ( - For information about the Friday morning 499erNLM game and class - June -October - contact Brenda Manning (




BridgeMates -- Did You Know?

After the last round is entered and verified, a quick recap (percentage) of standing may be obtained by pressing the button under the word Rank on the BridgeMate, which is the second button from the left at top of BridgeMates. Percentage will appear.   To obtain an individual analysis of each board by pairs, follow prompts on BridgeMates to view how many points were received per board.   The percentage of  last opponents will also appear.   If others are still playing, results will not be final until all tables complete play, but current percentages are available.


*HDBC OPEN GAMES:   Our Open games are held every Wednesday and Friday at 1pm, ALL YEAR.  Please be seated no later than 12:50 so the Director can set up the game in a timely manner..  Those arriving after this time, may or may not be included in the game, based on whether or not there is space available (arrive early in the summer season) or whether the game has already been set up with Bridge Mates activated.  The decision to seat you after the 12:50 arrival time is at the discretion of game's Director for that day.  We welcome everyone and appreciate your courtesy to the Director and fellow bridge players!!!  Zero Tolerance is in effect for all HDBC games... The local charity for HDBC is the Highlands Food Pantry.  We will be having Special Games all year, which increase the number of masterpoints for our winners. We have a Board-approved list of special games, posted in the bridge room at the REC CTR if you would like more information.

* HDBC's 499er NON-LIFE MASTER (NLM) GAMES:  Our 2020,  499erNLM game will begin Friday, June 5th.  It is a great place to learn; enjoy a comfortable, friendly place to compete; practice and improve your game; and also have a wonderful time getting to know a great group of bridge players.   Many new friends are made in the 499erNLM group.   We will always welcome you!!!  The accompanying Class for the 499er Game NLM will begin the third week in June - June 19th and continue through the end of October (dependent upon attendance toward end of season).  This class is taught by Dr. Brenda Manning, Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita, The University of Georgia. You may play the 499er Game without the class or come to the class without staying for the game.  The class is from 8:20 to 8:50 each Friday morning on dates mentioned above.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Manning at  Hope to see you beginning June 5th, 2020.  




Officers/ Board Members for 2019/2020

Elected Officers:  Board of Advisors

Sandy Barrow - President

Brenda Manning - Vice President

Puddin Bornheim  - Secretary

Frances Jay - Treasurer

Other Voting Members: Board of Advisors

Bob Copeland/Len Perkins - Tournament Co-Chairs
Delores Bode - Club Manager -





The 4 most recently posted results are listed in the left column (yellow) below.  The next 5 future games are shown in the right column (blue). A complete list of older results and future events are shown under the Results and Calendar tabs on the left side of the home page.

Open Local Charity Game
Director: Bob Copeland
Open ACBL Charity Game
Director: Bob Copeland
Open Club Game
Director: Brenda Manning
Open Club Game
Director: Cecil Hines
Fri Feb 28, 2020
Open Club Game
Rec Center 1:00 pm
Wed Mar 4, 2020
Open ACBL Charity Game
Rec Center 1:00 pm
Fri Mar 6, 2020
Open Local Charity Game
Rec Center 1:00 pm
Wed Mar 11, 2020
Open Club Game
Rec Center 1:00 pm
Fri Mar 13, 2020
Open Club Game
Rec Center 1:00 pm