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Recycle Blister Packs

I am collecting empty pill/capsule blister packs for recycling.

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This year's Christmas Swiss Pairs is planned for 7th December.

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Fees and Payment
Table Money and Subscription

2023/24 Fees

MEMBERSHIP to 31st March 2025: £20.00

FACE to FACE Duplicate: Table money (Members) £5.00
FACE to FACE Duplicate: Table money (Visitors) £6.00

FACE to FACE Friendly Practice Table money (Members) £5.00
FACE to FACE Friendly Practice Table money (Visitors) £6.00

ONLINE Practice Table money (Members or Visitors) £2.00

ONLINE REGULAR: Tuesday Morning Seminar included in Membership or by invitation

Bank Transfers to Heart of England Bridge

Bank Account

Bank account name Mrs Nicola Bainbridge t/a Rugby Village Bridge Club

HBSC Bank Account Number 0219 8665

Bank Sort Code 40-39-11

It is a business account.


PLEASE put your EBU number as bank reference with at least one space either side: " 123456 ". The computer gets confused if the number is run up against other text. Please don't put other numeric digits in the reference, again it confuses the computer.

Other Options

If you do not do internet banking, perhaps your partner or a relative can do it for you. Your account can be set up to pay the table money of your partner.

We would really rather not have cheques because they are time consuming and attract bank charges. We will accept cheques provided they are for at least £20. Please add a cheque processing fee of £1.50.

Please remember that we are very busy at the start of a session and it is not a good time to talk to us!

Heart of England Bridge Member Accounts

Your account is managed on the club web site.

  • You can top up your account by making bank transfers as detailed below.
  • Bank Transfers are generally posted on members accounts about once a week, so it may be a few days before they appear on your account.
  • Each time you play, your account will be debited by the session fee.
  • Your account will be debited to pay the annual membership subscription and other purchases.

Credit Balances on your account will be refunded to you on request.

You can check your balance, or the details by logging into the members area. Any credit balance will be returned to you on request.