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20th Aug 2020 21:54 BST
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Welcome to Hatfield Heath Bridge Club


The club is, obviously, not meeting at the moment with no real idea of when we shall be able to meet again.   So the committee have decided to temporarily suspend the club activities and the Constitution as from the last date we met.  The situation and all rights of the members will be held in limbo until such date that we are able to restart.  At such date the club will resume as if it hadn’t been suspended.  From then onwards we shall run the club as normal and shall call an AGM as soon as is practicable.



Following Harlow Knights excellent example, Hatfield Heath club moved online from Wednesday 5th August.  Each week those playing must have registered and be online by 7.20 pm for a 7.30 pm start.  Registration starts at 5.30 pm.   If you haven't already informed Adrienne that you wish to play, please do so including your BBO username.

Conventions:  All the conventions played at the club must conform to what was the old EBU Level 3 General Licence.

This excludes some of the Level 4 conventions and some of the more complicated new conventions  

if unsure about your convention then please contact Michael about it on



Harlow Knights Bridge Club has set up a virtual club and have kindly invited us to join them to play online.  The sessions will be on a Friday evening starting on 22nd May at 7.30 pm and should be finished well before 10 pm.

Full details: Our Bridge Clubs Online.pdf

The club will meet using Bridge Base Online.  If you are new to Online Bridge, you will find this short video very informative.

If you need further help in getting set up, email one of us and we will try to sort you out.



Any club member is welcome to play in the Herts & Essex online club (Hatfield Heath Tuesday afternoon club) on the Bridgebase website on Tuesdays at 2 pm.  Register with Liz Jordan  and Liz has offered to help and advise anyone who is unsure of what to do in an online club.



In view of the closing of the club due to the virus, the competitions have come to premature end.  Final results are now online.  We have adjusted the minimum number of events to qualify to reflect as nearly as we can,  the same proportion for each competition.  Well done to all the winners.  We will celebrate their successes at our AGM but, of course, we have no idea when that will be! 

Coronavirus update

The government is saying that the over 70’s and those at risk should either isolate or socially distance themselves (most of the members qualify in one or other category).   Both the EBU and the HBA are recommending that bridge clubs close for now. 


Your committee feel that, because of the close proximity of the players and the continuous contact of the cards and bidding boxes, this is a prudent precaution and so the club will be closed until further notice.


Most of the clubs in Hertfordshire have already made this decision.


The committee wish you all a safe and healthy break from the game and hope to see you in the not too distant future.


Best wishes



P.S.  For those of you that play at the Tuesday club – that is closed as well. 

About the Club
About the Club

Hatfield Heath Bridge Club has been in existence for over 40 years. It originated in the homes of a group of friends in the neighbouring village of Little Hallingbury and expanded to the well appointed village hall at Hatfield Heath.

The objective of the club is to play competitive bridge in a friendly atmosphere.  We cater for different levels of skill, with the more experienced members playing in the main hall and newer players in a smaller room of 4 or 5 tables for a few months. When they feel ready to join with the main club they are assured of a warm welcome.

We have been operating our own version of the EBU’s Better Behaviour at Bridge since opening and the emphasis being upon friendliness, our Directors are instructed to interpret the rules (where possible) in the most lenient of ways.

Michael Shine (Chairman)

Getting the most from the Results

The results section of our new web site has lots of additional information on your personal performance on the night. It is obvious speaking to some of the members that they do not realise that this exists. So to help you get the most from the new results service, please click below to open the instructions on how to access this extra information.  You can also find what we used to call the 'Butler Rankings' for the teams' sessions.  These are now calculated using Cross-IMPs which Eddie assures us is a better way of doing it!

Pairs ranking in teams.pdf



Details coming soon.

#19160 Pairs Hatfield Heath Club Duplicate
Scorer: Gary Conrad
#6898 Hatfield Heath Club Duplicate
Scorer: Gary Conrad
#156 Hatfield Heath Club Duplicate
Scorer: Gary Conrad