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EBU forum for Tournament Directors

Following the recent change in the Laws, the EBU have set up an online forum for TDs -  this is open to everyone whether a qualified director or not. It may be found at https://www.ebu.co.uk/forum

To log in for the first time

If you click on a restricted page you will be taken to a login window with a [Forgotten Password] button. You should enter your email address and click [Forgotten Password]. If this is a valid address (i.e. registered with the Club), you will be sent a pre-assigned password. Please then re-enter your email address in the login window, and the password, and click the [Logon] button. You can use the [Account] Tab to change the password to one of your own choice.

Welcome to Harlow Knights B C
Our Club
Our Club

Harlow Knights Bridge Club meets every Friday evening at the Cooks Spinney School in Harlow where we play duplicate pairs most weeks and teams of four every second Friday of the month. Founded in the 1970s, the club was originally known as ‘Harlow Non-Smokers’ but we changed our name to Harlow Knights when smoking became less of an issue and to honour Ray Knight, one of the founders of the club.

We welcome all players hoping to improve their game and wishing to join a club where they will be encouraged in a friendly atmosphere. We would like to inspire all our members to improve their standard, and we support them to go on and play in County and National events.  

We are affiliated to both the EBU and the Hertfordshire Bridge Association.

Geoff Vowles, Chairman

Harlow Knights BC up & running again!

A list of players' BBO usernames is on the News Page

We have set up a virtual club, playing on Friday evenings just as before. Games will only be open to other Harlow Knights club members, and also members from Hatfield Heath Bridge Club who we have invited to join us to play online. Our first club session will be on 22nd May. We will be starting at 7.30pm, and should be finished well before 10pm.

Games will be played on BridgeBaseOnline (BBO) and are arranged in conjunction with the EBU, who provide a Tournament Director. For us, this will be Gary Conrad, who many of you will know. Games will be match pointed, and are eligible for masterpoints and count towards NGS gradings, just like a ‘real’ face to face game.

We will play 18 boards in timed rounds of 2 or 3 boards. Everyone plays the same boards at the same time, so once all pairs have finished you have a complete picture of how you and all the other pairs did on that particular board. Your real-time percentages for each board and the whole session will be visible as you go along, and the full results will be posted on our website after the match, with the usual analysis available.

Table money will be $3 – that’s a little under £2.50 at current exchange rates. You can buy credits online on the BBO website, and the table money is deducted from your account when you play. It is in dollars because it’s an American website, but you can buy them with any credit or debit card, or by PayPal. We suggest you don’t use a phone app to pay, as this is then subject to a surcharge. The table money goes part to the club, part to the EBU and part retained by BBO. This helps keep the club and the EBU afloat, because all our other income has ceased.

There are detailed instructions here Guidance for club BBO sessions.docx , but this is a quick summary of what to do if you want to play -

  • Register on BBO (it’s free to register), and let us know your BBO username and EBU number. You only need to do this once.
  • Find a partner, or contact us if you need help with this.
  • Buy some BBO$ online. We suggest $10 to begin with.
  • On the day, register to play in the session by logging on at the same time as your partner up to 2 hours before the session, and linking up as a pair.  
  • Make sure you’re online 10 mins before play starts, check you haven’t been logged out in the meanwhile.
  • When the session starts you will automatically be taken to your first table.

It really is easy - even of you have never played online before, it won’t take you long to get the hang of it. However, we do suggest that if you haven’t played online before, that you register with BBO and have a practice game before playing in a club session. If you want help with that, please give me a call. There are  plenty of members who play regularly who will willingly have a practice game with you. 

Here are some other resources which may help if you are new to BBO. They include how to register with BBO, how to bid and alert bids, how to buy BBO$, and how to join a club session -




Please do come and play online, and support the club. What’s important is that we are playing with our club friends, and that we all have fun. And do it at a social distance!

Prize winners for 2019-20

We have finalised the prize winners and awards for 2019-20. Some of the competitions needed minor adjustment because we weren’t able to complete the whole programme because of Covid19. Usually we give out prizes at the AGM, but we won’t be able to have a normal AGM this year, so we will give out the prizes at the first suitable occasion.

The list of prize winners for the year may be found here Winners in 2019-20.pdf. We are particularly pleased to see that more than 30 of our members have made their way on to the prize winners list! The new restricted and handicap competitions introduced this year have been very popular, and we will continue with them in future.

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up.

Finding a partner

We do not offer a hosting service but if you need a partner for a particular evening we will try to find one for you. Please contact us on harlowknightsbridgeclub@gmail.com - preferably by Weds - and we will email around to other members to ask if anyone is available. You must be willing to give your contact details (either a phone number or an email) so that people may contact you direct.

Scores and results

We aim to publish results on our website and submit to the EBU website on the same day as we play, or by the following Monday at the latest. If you have a query about a score, please let the scorer know as soon as possible.

The results section of our web site has lots of additional information on your own individual performance. To help you get the most from this results service please click Accessing personal performance information.pdf to open the instructions on how to access this extra information.

10th July 2020
Friday online pairs
17th July 2020
Friday online pairs
24th July 2020
Friday online pairs
31st July 2020
Friday online pairs
Friday online pairs
Scorer: Gary Conrad
Friday online pairs
Scorer: Gary Conrad
Friday online pairs
Scorer: Gary Conrad