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Opportunities to Play and Practice Bridge
Opportunities to Play and Practice Bridge


Friendly Teams - No Partner required

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Mondays       9.55am to 12.30pm

Thursdays  13.55pm to 16.30pm

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29th October 2020
GYBS - Improver Lessons
10.00am - 12.30pm
Director: John Barker
29th October 2020
GYBS - Team Games
14.00pm - 16.30pm
Director: John Barker
30th October 2020
GYBS - Club Lessons
14.00pm - 16.00pm
Director: John Barker
30th October 2020
EBED - Improver Duplicate
13.45pm - 16.00pm
Director: EBED
Welcome to the Great Yarmouth Bridge School
Welcome to the Great Yarmouth Bridge School

John Barker is a fully qualified Professional Bridge Teacher, County Director and Holiday Host in the Great Yarmouth area. During Lockdown Restrictions teaching is now On Line and we have had Students from as far away as New Zealand, and Guernsey as well as Local to Norfolk.  John is also happy to teach to a Groups of Friends in their own Online Classroom. John and Sarah are available to run or help organise a Bridge Holiday with Bridgemates, and Dealing Machine, and if you have a group together we can organise this with First for Bridge.


Sarah Marriott although not having been playing Bridge so long is as equally passionate as John, and also brings great Organisational Skills to the Partnership. Sarah used to be responsible for organising over 3000 Weddings a Year for the Norfolk County Council but has recently changed her Job to be an Independent Wedding and Funeral Celebrant so she can balance her Bridge and Work commitments better. Sarah like John loves making people happy.


Timetable for Great Yarmouth Bridge School
Timetable for Great Yarmouth Bridge School

Improvers Group   Mondays at 2pm until 4pm & Thursdays 10am to 12 Noon.

Club Players   Wednesdays at 9.15 to 11.15am.

New Players - Always welcome and if a Beginner I am now starting these off in small groups so if you know anyone who wants to start to learn Our Fabulous Game please pass on my details - 01493 309033 - more experienced players are also very welcome to join me in any sessions please just phone me.


My Team Games - Free of Charge - BUT you must sign up for them on the Great Yarmouth Bridge School Webpage at least 2 Hours Before. These Run on Mondays at 10am and Thursdays at 2pm - No Partner necessary.


First For Bridge Improvers (NGS 7 and Below) - Sunday and Thursday Evenings at 7pm, Wednesday Afternoon at 2pm. (cost BBO $3)


First For Bridge Club - all standards welcome - Sunday and Tuesday Evenings and Friday Afternoons at 2pm (cost BBO $3)


Friends of Max Collie - Wednesday Evening 7pm Duplicate Pairs, and Sunday Afternoon at 1.30pm Swiss Pairs (Free of charge)


Norfolk Duplicate Sessions - Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday Afternoon at 1.30pm (cost BBO $3)


Please note you need to have signed up to be in the Club for Max Collie / Norfolk Games  and also for First for Bridge Games (links on this Website)



Bridge Lessons During Lock Down
Bridge Lessons During Lock Down

I will be offering the following Sessions.

Improvers : Mon 2.00pm,  Thurs - 10.00am (2 Hour Session)

Club Players : Wed 9.15am (2 Hour Session)

To take part please feel free to call me on 01493 309033

First Lesson always Free to see if you like my Style

No Need to Travel take part in the Lesson from your Front Room


Friendly Teams Thursday 29 October 2020

Today's Teams

Team A - Andrew K & Val, Pauline & Sue

Team B - John B & Eileen/Jill, Rachel & John W

Team C - Joan & Sue, Peter & Annie

Team D - Sarah & Jeanne, Celia & Elaine 



1st Round - Team B  beat Team C and Team A beat Team D

Final  - Team A beat Team B and Team D beat Team C


1st Place Winners Team A - Andrew K & Val, Pauline & Sue

3rd Place Winners Team D - Sarah & Jeanne, Celia & Elaine 


Next session Monday  9.55am

If possible please sign in on the Calendar or E mail John or Sarah by 8pm Sunday Evening so we can sort out the Teams,




Friendly Teams - Monday 26th October
Friendly Teams - Monday 26th October

Round 1

The Computer 2   Andrew Kambites 0

In a Torrid 1st Half the Computer managed to defeat Andrew comfortably 

This meant the Match between Team A and Team B was a Tie with Team A going through on the picking of Straws

Team C - Celia and Bob Bruce, Mum and Dr Sue  beat Team D - Jill, Vinod, Jane and Grant



Team C - Celia and Bob Bruce, Mum and Dr Sue  beat Team A - Andrew, Margaret, Rachel & Theresa

3rd Place Team B - John & Elaine, Nigel & Pauline beaTeam D - Jill, Vinod, Jane and Grant


Congratulations to the Winners Team C

Please come and join us on Thursday but if possible please sign in on the Calendar or E mail John or Sarah at least 2 Hours before Start


How have you been spending the Great Covid Lockdown?
I joined this amazing bridge school, run by the wonderful John Barker and it has been a source of hope, sanity, learning and salvation for me since the start of “lockdown”. Given that those of a certain age that goes with a certain intelligence, know that lockdown isn’t going away anytime soon, however
the Government care to phrase it, you could do a lot worse than wrap yourself up for the long Autumn and Winter months with John and his inspirational teaching.
You see I feel part of a large happy family who have taken me into their midst and hugged me, where there were no hugs to be had.I met John and his amazing mum, Joan, on a bridge holiday run by First for Bridge. John has taken it upon himself to involve all of us who’ve been denied our overseas holidays in fantastic bridge tutorials that can only make us better players once this wretched virus runs out of steam or some convincing vaccine is found. Most bridge tutorials don’t give you time to recap or endlessly allow you to go over something you haven’t understood.
Not so with John. His patience is remarkable. He will, if asked, go over and explain in many different ways, things that must be absolutely basic to him and yet never a critical word is said. Of course, one may occasionally be called a “noodle” but it is always said in a kindly, light-hearted manner that no-one could take offence from.
Life being what it is, we shouldn’t hold our breath, so to while away the hours that we night have spent at the tables around the world, we can learn all thethings we were uncertain of about our wonderful game from John’s mesmerising teaching.I don’t know what you will be doing but I will be booking up all his tutorials until this calamity ends!
Dr Sue
"Thank you very much for a fantastic 12 week Fast Track Bridge course for beginners. That certainly got the 5 of us playing bridge by the end of the course. I would like to thank you in particular for your patience and understanding of your student's different needs and adjusting the lessons to suit each individual's way of learning.  
Thank you so much for making our last lesson with you so very special by organizing such a wonderful surprise for us by  inviting 6 lovely people from your club to join us for the evening so enabling us to have a taste of real Duplicate Bridge.  The evening was truly enjoyed by all 5 of us and gave us more of a relaxed insight as to what it would be like to play in one of your clubs.  Many, many thanks to those, friendly and very helpful members who made the evening such a success and from a personal aspect cleared up a few queries I had been mulling over. 
You are doing a wonderful job John in keeping Bridge going in such a fun way and I am sure it will inspire more people to learn to play this great card game.  I look forward to continuing learning with you so as to build up my confidence to play at club level.  A big thank you again".
"Another Lovely Bridge Weekend at the Links Hotel with John Barker. He is an excellent Host who makes everyone feel welcome. The Bridge is very well run and most enjoyable."
Latest News - Join John and Sarah on the MS Arena
  • Arena Boat
  • Arena Cabin
  • Arena Dining Room
  • Food
  • Food 3
  • MS Arena Lounge Bar

John and Sarah will be running a Bridge Holiday for First for Bridge on the MS Arena as it Cruises down the Danube from the 30th June to the 6th July 2021

More details to follow : -