1. Introduction
1.1 Using this Guide
2. Building your Web Site
2.1 The Home Page
2.2 Adjusting the menu
2.3 The Site Menu
2.4 Populating with basic data
2.4.1 Home Page
2.4.2 Calendar
2.4.3 Calendar Month
2.4.4 Information Page
2.4.5 Membership
2.4.6 People Database
2.5 More Features
2.5.1 Competitions and Ladders
2.5.2 Using Pictures
2.5.3 Using Documents
2.5.4 Displaying Hand of the Week
2.5.5 Site Style/Themes
2.5.6 More Calendar features
2.5.7 Login Passwords
2.5.8 Find a Partner
2.5.9 Bookings/Reservations
3. Using your Web Site - Administration
3.1 Scoring Software and Results Upload
3.1.1 Automatic upload
3.1.2 Results Administration
3.1.3 Results Files
3.1.4 Uploading the deal file
3.1.5 Amend or delete results
3.1.6 Setting Up for American Style
3.2 News Pages
3.3 Maintaining your calendar
3.4 Set up your Membership database
3.4.1 Add a Member
3.4.2 Member Only features
3.4.3 GDPR
3.4.4 What can Members Do?
3.5 Listing other clubs
3.5.1 Club Database
4. Using your Web Site - Members
4.1 Setting your password
4.2 Using Find a Partner
4.2.1 Find a Partner using Calendar Month Menu
4.2.2 Find a Partner using Member Only Tab
4.2.3 Making a reservation ( booking)
4.3 Download results
4.4 EBU NGS Grades
4.5 Results Display
4.5.1 Results Features
4.5.2 Personal Results Analysis
4.5.3 Card Analysis
4.5.4 Hand Evaluation
4.5.5 Movement options
4.5.6 Play it Again
4.5.7 Results Analysis
4.5.8 Results Display 2022 Edition
4.6 Personal Analysis
5. Trouble Shooting
5.1 Makeable contracts not displaying
5.2 Photos not displaying or displaying upside down
5.3 Passwords
5.3.1 Member password
5.4 Exporting list of members
5.5 Logging into bridgewebs from phone
5.6 How do you know if your site is on latest release
5.7 How do I set column widths
5.8 How do I change club name
5.9 How do I change the number of results appearing on the home page
5.9.1 Same person with records under two names
5.9.2 Results not properly uploaded
5.9.3 Showing slams in ranking table
5.10 Backups
5.11 Email groups
6. More on uploading results
6.1 General
6.1.1 Login Code
6.1.2 Set your Scoring Software
6.1.3 Predealt Hands
6.1.4 Wireless Scoring
6.1.5 Calendar Matching
6.2 Uploading from Scorebridge
6.2.1 Initial Setup Club Code and Password
6.2.2 Initial Setup Standard Outputs
6.2.3 Automatic Upload of Results each time
6.3 Uploading from EBUScore
6.4 Uploading from BrIan
6.5 Uploading ACBL results using Results Administration
6.5.1 If you use predealt hands
6.5.2 ACBL Live
6.6 Uploading ACBL results using Scorepost
6.6.1 Scorepost Setup
6.6.2 Save the Setup File
6.6.3 Scorepost Results Administration
6.7 Recover results files
6.8 Uploading using other scoring software
6.9 Multiple events on one day
6.10 Live Ranking
6.11 ACBL Master Points
6.12 ACBL Game Master Points
6.13 ACBL BWS File
6.14 Windows Firewall
7. Bridge Online
7.1 BBO Results
7.1.1 Method 1 Use BBO Extractor or other software
7.1.2 Method 2 Enter BBO Session Number into Calendar
7.1.3 Hints for accessing results of a BBO Session
7.1.4 Hints for translating the BBO Username to actual name
7.1.5 BBO ACBL Virtual Games
7.1.6 What is a CSV file?
7.2 BCL Virtual Clubs
7.3 RealBridge
7.4 ACBL@Live BBO Results
7.5 Stepbridge
7.6 Attendance/Table Money/Fees
8. Deal Files
8.1 Hand Generating software
8.2 Creating deal files
8.3 Deal Uploading
8.4 Play it Again software
8.5 EBU/ECATS Simultaneous sessions
8.6 Jannersten BOS/Duplimapp
8.7 Widgets
9. Web Pages
9.1 News Items
9.2 Changing/splitting pages
9.3 Editor
9.3.1 Editor usage
9.4 Add a Link
9.5 Forms
9.5.1 Forms emails
9.5.2 Message Board
9.6 Add Special Content/Widget
9.7 Hand of the week
9.8 Membership lists
9.8.1 Adding Extra Fields
9.9 Picture Gallery
9.9.1 To add a single picture to a news item
9.9.2 Using the editor
9.9.3 Using the Add Picture button
9.10 Page Options
9.11 Page Sequence
9.12 Themes and site style
10. The Calendar
10.1 Calendar Fields
10.2 Amending the Calendar
10.3 Highlighting Calendar Events
10.4 Quick Update
10.5 The Schedule
10.6 Calendar Options
10.7 Calendar Sharing
10.8 Suspending Calendar
10.9 Links to Online Bridge
10.10 Access to BBO Results
11. Competitions
11.1 Competition Features
11.2 Eligible Dates
11.2.1 User Selected Dates
11.2.2 Auto Dates
11.3 Presentation
11.4 Restrictions
11.5 Rules
11.6 Handicaps
11.6.1 Rolling Handicap
11.6.2 Calculating handicap for a pair
11.6.3 Manual Handicaps
11.6.4 NGS Handicaps
11.7 Name changes and aliases
11.8 Ascendancy Tables
11.9 NGS grades
11.10 Interclub
12. Club Location
13. The Menu
13.1 Amending the Menu
13.2 Adding Pages
13.3 Adding Documents
13.4 Member Only Menu
14. Pictures
14.1 Picture Library
14.2 Videos
14.3 Picture and Video upload
14.4 Membership pictures
14.5 Favicon
15. Documents
15.1 Document formats
15.2 Document Upload
15.3 Document Usage
15.4 Private Documents
16. Membership Features
16.1 Update your Membership Database
16.1.1 Synchronization
16.1.2 Import/Export
16.1.3 ACBL player file
16.1.4 Player Database
16.1.5 EBUScore Synchronization
16.2 Members Only Page
16.3 Calendar Features
16.4 Bulk email
16.4.1 To send "Bulk Email"
16.4.2 Email Selection Criteria
16.4.3 Mail Merge
16.4.4 Emailing Documents
16.4.5 Bulk Email Templates
16.5 PayPal Payments
16.5.1 PayPal Button
17. Email Queries
17.1 Emails not received
17.2 Bulk Email log
17.3 Email Service
18. Attendance Module
18.1 Attendance Overview
18.2 Attendance Basics
18.3 Options
18.4 Payment Rates
18.5 Attendance Operation
19. Social Module
19.1 Social Module Administration
20. Toolkit
20.1 Help Topics
20.2 Web Administration Set Up
21. Other important stuff
21.1 Adaptive design
21.2 Bridgewebs BackUps
21.3 Cut and Paste
21.4 Domain
21.5 PDF Files
21.6 Performance
21.7 Results only service
21.8 Security Settings
21.9 Spam
21.10 Site Statistics
21.11 Time Zone
21.12 Twitter
21.13 Upgrades
21.14 Browse Button
21.15 Web Searches
21.16 Character Sets
22. Programmer Notes
22.1 Player DB Synchronization
22.2 ScoreBridge Player Synch
22.3 CSV Format
22.4 API Interface
22.5 API Sample Code
22.6 Integrated Calendar Check
22.7 PBN Files
BridgeWebs User Guide
17. Email Queries
17.1 Emails not received

Each Bridgewebs site has a Membership database that is used for a variety of purposes. One of which is to send Bulk Emails to Members. Additionally you might fill out forms on a Bridgewebs club site and receive an email from there.

If you think you should be receiving Bridgewebs emails from Bridgewebs from your club(s) and cannot see them, it could be for a number of reasons.

1) Check your Junk/Spam folder, they may have been automatically been sent there, if so see 2)

2) Any emails from Bridgewebs will be from either the email address members@bridgewebsemail.com or team@bridgewebs.net. Please add these to your known Contacts to improve the chance of receiving emails or ensure they have not been automatically added to your blocked contacts

  • Add members@bridgewebsemail.com to the trusted contacts
  • Add team@bridgewebs.net to the trusted contacts
  • Remove members@bridgewebsemail.com from the blocked contacts
  • Remove team@bridgewebs.net from the blocked contacts

3) If you have clicked on the "Unsubscribe" link in a Bridgewebs email, your email address will be marked as Blocked and you will NOT receive any further emails.

4) If you have clicked "Junk" on an email rather than "Delete", your email address will be marked as Blocked and you will NOT receive any further emails.

5) If your email service decides the contents of an email are "Spam", your email address may be marked as Blocked and you will NOT receive any further emails.

6) Your email may be "Blocked" for other reason, see below, and if so, you will NOT receive any further emails.. 

PLEASE NOTE; The Blocked status is system wide and NO further emails will be sent to your email from ANY Bridgewebs club, regardless of any club settings.

If you really want to stop receiving emails from just one particular club, please contact that club and just DELETE any unwanted email.


You can check the status of your email or resubscribe by clicking here ReSubscribe.

Enter your email in the box and click [Check].

When you click [Check], Bridgewebs will look up the status of your email .

  • If OK an email will be sent to confirm that you are Subscribed and you do not need to take any further action. If you still do not receive this email, please see steps 1- 6 above.
  • If "Blocked", you will be given an opportunity to Re-Subscribe
    • Click on the [Re-Subscribe]
    • This will take you to a form to enter your name and email 
    • Click [Subscribe]
    • An email will be sent to you to "Activate" your account
    • When you receive this, click on the [Subscriber Activation] link and accept all emails. (You may need to check your Junk folder)
    • After you have done this, you should start receiving emails from Bridgewebs again when sent.
    • You may need to wait for 1 hour until Bridgewebs updates it's databases from the external Mail Server.

Whether you have clicked Unsubscribe or Junk intentionally or unintentionally, this is required due to new Regulations regarding computer generated emails and changes to the Email Service software to provide better Data Protection and ensure your choices are upheld.

Summary of Blocked Statuses

For your information the statuses that are considered "Blocked" are as below.

Unsubscribed According to "Bulk Email" good practices, all Bulk Email is sent with an "Unsubscribe" link. If you receive an email from Bridgewebs and then click the "Unsubscribe" link, you have an option to confirm that you do not want to receive any more emails from ANY Bridgewebs club and your email will be marked a "Blocked". It would be better to inform the club of this.
Abuse (Junk/Spam) If you receive an email from Bridgewebs and mark it as "Junk" or "Spam", this status is sent back to the Bridgewebs email service and the status of your email changed and your email will be marked a "Blocked". If you do receive a particular email from Bridgewebs and you are not interested, just DELETE it.
Bounced Usually Bounced means that the email is invalid. However, Over a million emails get sent from Bridgewebs each year and many look the same, so, sometimes Email services automatically decide they are Spam (too many of the same type or some kind of wording) and reject the email. This can be Temporary or Permanent.
Stale Email Servers send a status back to the Bridgewebs email service whenever an email is "Read", "Opened" or "Clicked", otherwise the email remains with a status if "Delivered". If you do not read any emails from Bridgewebs, then your email status will be marked as "Stale" once you have not read a number of times (currently 40).
Not Confirmed You have used the [Re-Subscribe] button to enter the information, but not clicked the Activate link in the subsequent sent email. (Alternatively, someone else, e.g.. web Administrator, has done this, not realising it requires an activation). 
Transactional You have clicked on the "Unsubscribe" link and chosen to to receive "Transactional" emails only. Responses to Forms are considered "Transactional", all other emails such as club "Newsletters" are considered "Bulk" and will not be sent to your email. Suggest "DO NOT USE" this feature
Pending This is a temporary status and means that the Email Service cannot send the email, sometimes, it is due to the volume of emails and the queue is temporarily suspended.

If your email is flagged with one of the "Status" above, then, regardless of any club settings. no further emails will be sent to your email from ANY Bridgewebs club, regardless of any club settings.


Emails may arrive marked as Spam or are automatically moved to a Spam folder.

The Bridgewebs Email service does not know about this, but is dependent on the Email service used by the recipient.

It may be because the content of a Bulk Email does look like Spam or the Email service thinks so try