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The Cheltenham Congress and the Ross-on-Wye GP Weekend are both cancelled for 2020

The latest GCBA Newsletter is available click: GCBA Newsletter  Jun20

Minutes from the 2019 AGM now published.   2020 AGM postponed.


The Midlands Counties Congress (usually at West Midlands BC) is going ahead on 8-10 January 2021 - totally online.  Full details here

County Leagues


  • MONDAY : Div OneDiv Two
  • CLEVERLY TEAMS : Div One,   Div Two is run as Swiss Teams and is on the results menu



29 Nov 20 : latest newsletter (by Garry Watson) - Nov 2020

18 Nov 20 : minutes of the November committee meeting (our sixth online meeting)

09 Oct 20 : summary of the outcomes from the August survey is published.

11 Aug 20 : notes from meeting of club representatives : 02 Aug 2020

20 May 20 : Financial Report and Accounts for the year ending March 2020

05 Nov 19 : Selection Guidelines of the REC published (see Representative Events tab)

23 May 19 : minutes of the 2019 AGM have published.

Committee Minutes
  Minutes from September 2017 onwardcs

The 2020-21 season :  05 November 2020,  01 October 202010 September 2020, 07 August 2020, 09 June 2020, 12 May 2020

The 2019-20 season : 2 March 2020, 6 January 2020, 2 December 2019, 4 November, 2019, 10 October 2019, 2 September 2019, 5 August 19, 19 June 19,  3 June 2019, 3 May 2019

The 2018-19 season Minutes from 1 April 2019. Minutes from 4 March 2019  and 4 Febuary 2019  and 7 January 2019

Minutes from 3 December 2018.    Minutes from 6 November 2018.    Minutes from 1 October 2018.     Minutes from 3 September 2018.    Minutes from 6 August 2018.  

Minutes from 2 July 2018.   Minutes from 21 June 2018.   Minutes from 04 June 2018.          Minutes from the 13 May 2018 AGM.

The 2017-18 season :  Minutes from 26 April 2018.          Minutes from 01 February 2018.          Minutes from 30 November 2017.     Minutes from 28 September 2017.

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  Committee meeting : 8 Jun 2017

GCBA Committee Meeting 8 June 2017.

1. Apologies had been recived received from David Simons, Ashok Kwatra and Patrick Shields.  Jim Simons, Anne Swannell, Richard Harris, Tony Hill, James Hastie, Paul Denning and Peter Swales were in attendance.

2. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

3. President’s report and objectives.  Jim presented his shareholder’s report.
Action: At the next EBU meeting, Jim to raise the change in format of English Bridge putting all County News only on the online edition, citing the show of hands at the AGM, where apparently only 2 people look at the on-line edition.

Jim said that his objectives for the years were for us all to support the strategy work being led by Patrick.

4. The AGM and the bridge that followed was regarded as a success.  Some people though had not realised that the meal break would be at tea-time rather than a late lunch.  There was a discussion about the possibility of making it a lunch in the future.   We agreed that making the AGM and bridge free should be repeated. Action: Tournament subcommittee to take account of this for next year.

5. Appointment of sub-committee  Tony expressed himself as willing to serve on the tournament sub-committee.  Action: Paul to set up a suitable sub-committee drawn from Tony and and the current members (Alan Wearmouth, John Councer and John Skonnemand.)  We did not know the status of the Representative Events Committee.  Action: Jim to ask Richard Butland whether he is willing to continue and whether he need new members of his team.

6. Treasurer’s report  James had nothing to report, but thanked Val for her help during the handover, and Peter Waggett for collecting the table money.

7. Strategy Patrick had circulated a discussion document, attached.  The main discussion was about youth bridge, and the need to get schools and in particular school teachers involved. (It was observed that Nigel Pitel is a teacher.)  Tony, James and Anne were keen to help, but felt the need for a greater sense of direction and leadership. Action: Patrick and Ro to satisfy this need.

There was a discussion about the clubs league. We agreed it needed to be reinvigorated, but the starting point is to understand more about how it currently works, including where it isn’t working well (keeping the on-line scores up to date is apparently an example of the latter).  Action:  Richard to draft a set of questions for Jim to forward to David Hauser.

8. The CTD’s report is attached

9. CBC Representative report NTR

10. Dates of next meetings: 28 Sept and 30 Nov at Cheltenham Bridge Club.

Last updated : 3rd Aug 2017 23:06 BST
  Committee Meeting : 12 Apr 2017


April 12th 2017

1 Present: Jim Simons, Val Constable, David Simons, Paul Denning, Patrick Shields, Anne Swannell, Peter Waggett, Peter Swales, James Hastie, Ashok Kwatra

2 It was proposed that James Hastie be co-opted to the committee and this was approved nem con

3 The minutes of meeting held on 26th January were approved

4 Patrick, at the behest of the committee, has started a process of leading a review of defining the most appropriate strategy for the county organisation. Patrick is currently seeking to engage with clubs and individuals and circulated an initial document seeking input and discussion from committee members

5 Val circulated a set of accounts for 2016/17 subject to audit. There were a small number of questions to be resolved and the likely surplus for the year is c £2800. There followed a general discussion on how best to use surplus funds including paying the affiliation fees for clubs, reducing P2P county charges and how best to support clubs financially. The Treasurer together with next year’s Treasurer and Jim to put forward suggestions to the next committee meeting

6 There was also a lengthy and constructive discussion regarding the AGM on May 21st and in particular how to encourage greater attendance. The post AGM Bridge will be free to all players, will be a pair’s event for players of different levels, and will include prizes and a free high tea. It was also decided to move the clubs meeting previously scheduled for May 10th to the morning of the AGM. A lunch will be provided and club representatives will be encouraged to stay for the AGM. The AGM will include on its Agenda an initial presentation from Patrick regarding future strategy and in addition there will be an agenda item on how best the county can provide financial support for the development of bridge through clubs

7 Peggy Phillips has accepted invitation to present the prizes at the AGM.

8 The CTD report had previously been circulated. In addition the following are the latest Midland Counties League results since the last meeting

February 19th 2017 v Derbyshire; Dawes 14/6, Porter 2/18, Markham 16/4

April 2nd 2017 v Nottinghamshire; Dawes 10/10, Porter 15/5, Markham 17/3

The Nottinghamshire match was the last in the season and the final positions are Dawes 2nd, Porter 4th and Markham 1st, having been unbeaten all season

9 Date of next meeting 8th June at 6pm

Last updated : 2nd Aug 2017 10:23 BST
  Minutes from 26 Jan 2017




  1. Present; Jim Simons, Paul Denning, David Simons, Anne Swannell, Tony Hill, Peter Swales, Ashok Kwatra
  2. Apologies received from Val Constable
  3. The minutes of the meeting held on 24th November were approved and no matters arising
  4. The President outlined some of the issues affecting the Midland Counties Working group and that he and Patrick Shields were working with the various parties to find a better way of future working
  5. It was unanimously agreed that Patrick Shields be co-opted to the Executive Committee in the role of Vice-President
  6. The Treasurers report had previously been circulated. It was noted that there is a healthy surplus and that table money should be held at £3.50. It was recognised that the amount paid to CBC would increase from £1.50 to £1.75
  7. The following representative match results were noted:  against Worcestershire 11/12/2016 : Dawes 8-12, Porter 8-12, Markham 16-4 : against Oxford 15/01/2017 : Dawes 13-7, Porter 14-6, Markham 15-5
  8. The Chief Tournament Directors report had been circulated and there   were no questions
  9. At the previous meeting there had been discussion on the working paper entitled Best Practice for County Associations. A subcommittee had been establishes and Jim had circulated a report with their recommendations
    1. Improvements in committee transparency and the Secretary to ensure that all minutes and notices to be placed on the County Website
    2. It was agreed that a meeting with all county clubs to be arranged for May 10th 2017 with the specific purpose to gain a better understanding of how clubs believe the county can help them and to encourage inter-club working. The meeting to include lunch
    3. The practice of visiting each club to be re-started, Jim to organise. Anne and Tony offered to help
    4. The President to include in his bi-monthly newsletter to clubs suggestions for how the county can assist clubs
    5. There followed a discussion of Bridge development and strategy. Patrick had previously indicated his preference to play a role and it was agreed to ask him to establish working group. David and Ashok offered to support
  10. The CBC representative noted that the club was now registered for VAT and this would have an impact on club recharges to GCBA
  11. No reports from publicity or youth bridge
  12. David reported that the working group formed to consider alternative venues for Congress had recommended no change
  13. Dates of future meetings as follows; Executive Committee April 12th and May 31st both at 6pm at CBC; AGM May 21st
  14. AOB; Tony advised that a member had asked that Directors should only make announcements when the room was quiet.
Last updated : 12th Apr 2017 14:45 BST
  Committee Meeting : 28 Sep 2016

Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held at Cheltenham Bridge Club

Wednesday 28th September 2016 at 6pm

Present; Jim Simons, Val Constable, David Simons, Anne Swannell, Paul Denning, Peter Swales. In attendance; Ashok Kwatra, Judy Sanis (Item 9 only)

1 Apologies; non received

2 Agenda item 9 (Publicity) was taken out of turn to allow Judy to participate.

a) Judy outlined the programme and steps taken to publicise with clubs across the County
b) The website needed some updating especially with regard to weekend events
c) Judy to talk to Richard Butland and clarify both training events and Fourth Wednesday squad practice and to ensure these are publicised. Also necessary for booking of rooms at CBC
d) It was agreed that Paul should  approach Avon with intention of organising a friendly match against them for the Everett Cup
e) Judy discussed use of Pianola and invited anyone on committee who wanted to know more about use to contact her

3 The minutes of the meeting held on the 16th June 2016 were approved and signed

4 The only matter arising was affirmation from Jim that he would like to be involved in the shaping of weekend events

5 The Presidents report had been circulated. Jim highlighted the key issues. There were no questions or comments

Treasurer’s report had been circulated. Val explained that financial position remains healthy and whilst there were some outstanding items from the account, she would give more comprehensive report at next meeting

CTD report; There was extensive discussion of the Breedon Vale event and agreement for GCBA to partially subsidise to attract greater participation

Representative Events.  In the first Midland Counties match of the season against Staffordshire (11th September) both Dawes and Porter won their matches 16/4 and Markham tied 10/10

Youth Bridge; Jim reported that the recent event held at CBC and with support from the Lades College had been very successful and all involved should be thanked and congratulated

10 CBC representative; Ashok reiterated need for bookings for training etc to be made. He advised committee that CBC would be registering for VAT. He also indicated that he would discuss with Val the issue of unused or events cancelled at short notice, specifically weekends. Both Jim and Ashok highlighted issue of club being left unsecure and need for committee duty members to undertake this task

11 The committee discussed the number of committee vacancies and some suggestions of people to approach were agreed

12 Monday night rota agreed

13 Dates of next meetings November 24th and January 26th

14 The only item discussed was the Clubs League organised by David Hauser and the need for greater publicity. Jim to put David in touch with Judy

The meeting finished at 7.05pm


Last updated : 2nd Aug 2017 10:20 BST
  Committee Minutes

[Older highlights : from 2014/15 season from Alan Wearmouth]

Highlights from the GCBA Committee Meeting December 2015 - from Jim Simons, GCBA President

Treasurer’s Business

  • Cheltenham Bridge Club want to change the arrangements for Monday nights so that they could run other events in parallel with GCBA events, and their preferred solution is to charge us per table rather than having us hire the entire club, as we have done for years.  Our constitutional objectives include encouraging duplicate bridge across the county, and since the current arrangement could be said to be preventing duplicate bride from being played, we concluded that we must agree to some such arrangement. We discussed the principles that should apply, and then delegated to the treasurer the task of negotiating the details.  (Note added after the meeting – the agreement is that as from 1 January 2016 we shall pay to CBC an amount equivalent to half their current table money, the remainder of the table money we charge going towards GCBA expenses.  Initially we shall leave the total table money at £3.50.
  • We discussed our weekend events.  The entry fee has been unchanged for years, and we agreed that it was time to increase it, but to compensate this by providing, for at least some events, premium catering to make the meal part of the reason for coming.

Youth Bridge

Our Youth Officer Ro Kaye has been very busy organising events, but she is in need of support.  It is great fun working with kids – they learn terrifyingly quickly!  If you’d like to help in any way, please contact Ro by emailing


Our publicity has been in parlous state since we failed to recruit a new publicity officer.  Now Judy Sanis has agreed to return to doing most of the job, whilst I shall be writing the article for English Bridge, the first to appear in February.

Last updated : 2nd Aug 2017 10:23 BST