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The All bridge activity remains online for the foreseeable future. GCBA is playing on BBO and on Realbridge


The EBU Seniors Congress has moved to be online and midweek, running 7-9 December.  Details here. 

On Monday 20th December, Worcestershire CBA is running a Charity Swiss Teams (for The Parenting Project) on RealBridge. If you are not involved in our County League that night, do think about going along.  Email to if you are interested. 

County Leagues



  • MONDAY : Div OneDiv Two
  • CLEVERLY TEAMS : Div One,   Div Two is run as Swiss Teams and is on the results menu



25 Nov 21 : minutes of the November committee meeting (our seventeenth online meeting)

13 Nov 21 : latest newsletter (by Garry Watson) -  November 2021

13 Jun 21 : minutes of the 2021 AGM have published. Please send any necessary corrections to 

09 Oct 20 : summary of the outcomes from the August survey is published.

11 Aug 20 : notes from meeting of club representatives : 02 Aug 2020

20 May 20 : Financial Report and Accounts for the year ending March 2020

05 Nov 19 : Selection Guidelines of the REC published (see Representative Events tab)

Welcome to Gloucestershire County Bridge
♠  This is the official website for the GCBA   ♣ 
GCBA now has a Facebook presence : search on "GCBA bridge" or click here to find it; if you have a Facebook account, you can "follow" the page and get all the news delivered to you as it happens.
Do check out the FORTHCOMING SPECIAL EVENTS page for Congress, Green Point and Blue Point events.

... is coming this next Saturday at Cheltenham Bridge Club. It is on Saturday 27th November (running from 1000 hrs until 1600 hrs).  The format will be much the same as the last session – a small bit of teaching; followed by 16 selected hands to bid and play, with a commentary to read and discuss; lunch provided by Wild Slice, and then a second duplicate (match-points this time) session.  Everything is included in the £20 per person price.  The club has been redecorated, and new ventilation has been installed – it is as nice and safe a venue as we can expect to find anywhere.    You can turn up as a pair but there will be a stand-by so that if you come as a singleton you will be guaranteed a full game of bridge.

We need a minimum of 12 people to sign up to the event to make it viable.  We need to have at least this number of bookings in by close of play next Monday (22nd Nov).  Please think about coming; you have five days in which to send your booking to


In recognition of the fact that online bridge is here to stay, and that the return to face-to-face bridge will only be gradual, the plan for the next four months is to run with Monday nights online but to include a few Saturday face-to-face events.  The plans for 2022 will be made in November.  The basic pattern for the remainder of 2021 will be

  • FIRST Monday : Swiss Teams on BBO, just turn up as a foursome and register.
  • SECOND and FOURTH Mondays : Pairs League, running on BBO, with multiple divisions and promotion/relegation.  Advance registration is needed, and then you register with BBO on the day.
  • THIRD and FIFTH Mondays : County League, running on RealBridge, with multiple divisions and 24-board matches.  Advance registration is required.

The special weekend events are scheduled to happen at Cheltenham Bridge Club on Saturday 2nd October and Saturday 27th November.  The timing those days will be 1000-1600 hrs, and will include multiple bridge sessions, lunch, and more.  Details still to be settled.

More series of the Online Swiss Teams, and Online 9-High Swiss Pairs - where you arrange your own matches - will come in September.   

Printable summary available - click here

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There are some key differences in online play of which players should be aware:

  • The GCBA Regulations on UNDOs apply in bidding and in play, and are (EBU and others allow fewer cases): 
    • Please only request an UNDO for a genuine mis-click and not for a change of mind or because you were not paying attention.
    • Be generous in trusting your opponents to be honest and accept as often as you can. ..........
..... see more

Specially for less experienced players - there is a page on the EBU website dedicated to games for you - click here to see it.


  Full details on its own web page.

On the four Mondays of the month ...

  • first: multiple teams on RealBridge
  • second : Pairs League on BBO
  • third : multiple teams on RealBridge
  • fourth : Pairs League on BBO.

For the teams - you need to tell that you want to come, and you will then be given the link.

There is no GCBA game on Bank Holiday Mondays.


  Full details here

  • first series won by the JONES team
  • second/fourth/sixth/seventh by the SHIELDS team,
  • third by LINDFORS
  • and the fifth & eighth series by the DENNING team.

  new teams welcome

  next series will be biweekly over May-July

  email to


  Full details here 

  • first  & second series won by KINGHAM & POLHILL
  • third series won by MILES & WILLIAMS
  • fourth series won by ATKINSON & ATKINSON
  • fifth series won by BAILEY & MUSSI
  • sixth series won by MILES & WILLIAMS
  • seventh &eighth series won by POLHILL & WILKINSON 
  • ninth series won by REEVES & REEVES
  • tenth series won by LYHTEER & LYTHEER
  • eleventh series won by BERRY & GREEN

  new pairs can join; email 


CLEVERLY Teams League (details here)

GCBA Online Summer Pairs (done)

  • first series won by BUTLAND & WAGGETT
  • second and third series both won by RITACCA & WAGGETT

COUNTY Knock-Out (underway, draw here)


  • County Qualifying Round will be on Satruday 10th April, and the final takes place on Saturday 15th May.

There are plenty of opportunities around

  • Use the LOCAL CLUBS list on the left to access the websites of local bridge clubs; 
    • There are six clubs running online :
    • And Cheltenham Bridge Club has restarted its face-to-face games
    • EBED run Assisted Duplicate sessions on Wednesday and Friday afternoons starting at 1400 hrs, with a teacher on-hand to answer questions as you play, and a ZOOM session afterwards for more discussion. All for BB$3 per session. 
    • OBA is running a NGS-5-HIGH pairs event on Saturday 1st August.  Click here for more details. {Last session was won by a Cheltenham pair - Val Barbour & Jan Kinane.
  • Online Inter-County events : our Representative Events Committee has been active with corresponding people in other counties and we are trialling online matches. Click here for the current status.  If you would like to become involved in representing the county in online competitions please email Alan Wearmouth on 



We can report that the following is now happening in the county -

  • Cheltenham BC is running duplicate at the club (members only) on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • Chipping Campden BC re-opened on 11th August and had 7 tables in operation through the rest of that month.
  • Churchdown BC has closed its online games and is now running live on a Monday afternoon.
  • Gloucester BC restarted in July and played twice that month and four times in August.
  • Newent BC will re-open with events on Wednesday 22nd and Friday 24th of September
  • South Cotswolds BC re-opens on Tuesday 7th September in Tetbury, and on Thursday 9th at Minchinhampton
  • Stroud BC is restarting its sessions on the afternoon of the 9th September at the Octagon with FAB on first and third Thursdays, open games the second, fourth and fifth.
  • Tewkesbury BC restarted on Wednesday 1st September with a 5-table movement.
  • Tudor BC is restarting its Wednesday afternoon sessions on 15th September.
  • Winchcombe BC was the second to get going with games from Friday 23rd July onwards.
  • Cirencester U3A Group has restarted its live bridge on Friday afternoons, from 27th August
  • Corinium BC has started back from the 22nd July, and had its largest attendance at the first September session.
  • North Cotswolds BC has restarted its Saturday game at Broadwells, and had two sessions in August.
  • Somerford Keynes BC restarts on Wednesday 1st September.
  • Woodmancote BC started live bridge on the 3rd August.

The lockdown is a wonderful opportunity for people to learn this game.  Why don't you look for anyone you could teach - see if these slide shows (updated 10 May) help

If you want to illustrate the game quickly to people - this amazing 3 minutes video shows it all.

Once you have got past this introduction you might find the material at this NZ site worthwhile.

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This is a great way to keep your brain active, and to keep in touch with your friends. There are three primary options available, and these are well described on the EBU pages - click here to read.  

The key attributes of the options are

>>    BRIDGEBASEONLINE (BBO) : there are tens of thousands playing BBO each day, and the first EBU games on 17th March had 26 tables and 21 tables and ran smoothly. ..........

..... see more


TD TRAINING : EBED is running a course for new directors, at Solihull (WMBC) on Tuesday 18th February. It is the first of four monthly sessions leading to an assessment and qualification.

There is lots of learning to be done at the Gloucestershire Youth Bridge - click here for its website.

CHELTENHAM :  The teaching team are starting a new series of lessons starting in September. For more information see the club web site.

GLOUCESTER:  Lessons available on Monday at Gloucester B.C.;  see the GBC website for details.

NEWENT : Starting 27th September 2019 (1850 hrs for 1900).  More details at click here.  EBU qualified teachers, and it runs for two terms.

MALMESBURY (Tetbury & Cirencester) : Robert Cobbold offers "fun and friendly bridge for beginners and beyond.  07526451532" 

TETBURY : Jim Edwards runs lessons as part of the South Cotswolds Bridge Club venture - see the web site.

CHIPPING SODBURY: Lessons start in September after a free taster session on 10th September. - see website

WOTTON-UNDER-EDGE (boundary of South Glos and Glos, NW Wiltshire) : Ian Cooke (accredited EBUTA teacher) offers lessons for beginners, improvers and runs Gentle bridge sessions. Contact details here.

Latest Trophy Winners
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County Individual (30 Aug 21) : Peter Waggett

County Knock-Out : Patrick Shields & Dan Mcintosh, Richard Chamberlain & Garry Watson

County Pairs : Patrick Phair & Patrick Shields

County League 1 : Patrick Shields & Garry Watson, Ollie Burgess & Diana Nettleton

County League 2 : Mike Lewis & Malcolm Green, Nicky Freguson & Tom Jarman

County League 3 : Lesley Harrison & Martin McWilliam, Paul Lilley & Peter Swales

and from our F2F days . ..........

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External Results

Please email any external result to for inclusion here.

  • David Atthey & Alison Pritchard, Lesley Harrison & Ashok Kwatra came first in the A-final at the Scottish Summer Congress on 4th July
  • Rob Lawy & Rob Stevens, Diana Nettleton & Patrick Shields came first in the Swiss Teams and the EBU Virtual Seaside Congress on 2nd July
  • The County A-team came first in the inter-region play-offs of the Regional Inter-County League winners on 11th July - well done to Andrew & Joe, Dan & Paul, Garry & Richard, Richard & Rob
  • The County C-team did the same in their division - well done to Ben & Peter, Jim & Val, John & Mark, Roger & Tony


A BLOG has been started here - worth following to keep abreast of what is new.

There is a new CALENDAR which is much easier to use than the old one, and to which counties can add events.

(This one's not from the EBU)  There is a PODCAST from a couple of chatty, lively bridge players available on SPOTIFY (and possible other places) called "SORRY PARTNER".   Some informative, some fun.

9-HIGH Swiss Pairs S12 M4
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