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Welcome to GYB

This is the home of Gloucestershire Youth Bridge - a joint venture by GCBA and the Cheltenham Bridge Club.

Aim: to build our first County Youth Bridge team, and to offer matches to neighbouring counties.


At the start of September is the next (third since lockdown) live TEACH-IN for junior bridge players : it's a three day event just before schools restart for the autumn, and represents excelent value for money for three days of entertainment. Do think about anyone you know who might be interrsted. For details click here.



... IT IS COMING BACK.  The weekend of 9-10 April 2022 will see the next run of the youth weekend at CHeltenham Bridge Club. 

Contacts etc are on the Bridge4Schools website - click here.

YOUTH BRIDGE for 2019-2020

The GYB venture on Sunday mornings is going to pause for a new months, as we haven't yet got the critical mass of young players needed to make the game as much fun as it should be.  We will be concentrating our efforts over the autumn of 2019 on getting bridge activities started in a number of schools in Cheltenham.  If you think your school would like to get involved, then please drop us an email (   Once we get enough players keen, we will restart our weekend sessions.


Youth Bridge sessions will run on Sundays and all take place at Cheltenham Bridge Club (4 Tivoli Road, GL50 2TG).

Sessions run from 1030 to 1230, and include a break for refreshments (which are included in the price of £5 per head).

You can just turn up to any of the sessions; if you have missed any, we have enough helpers to get you personally up to speed, and then you'll be able to join in the games with the others..

Carers can stay during any of these sessions (our cafereria will be accessible, or they can join in the learning) or leave the children and return later.

We have a clear, documented Safeguarding Policy and we have DBS-checked personnel on duty throughout.

If you have any questions, email them to 

Why do we Play Bridge ?


  • You just need 4 people and a pack of cards to play anywhere in the world
  • It makes your brain work and every few minutes you have a new challenge
  • You can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours.  Every hand is an adventure.
  • You can sit around any table – on a train – on the floor – in the playground – at home. 
  • Or you can get really good and enter competitions all over the UK and the world!
  • You can play on the internet – maybe with someone in Brazil or Australia?
  • It is as fun and as fascinating as any computer game (and we still beat the computers)
  • Bridge is sociable - it is an easy way to meet people wherever you go.
  • It does not cost much – very important if you are at school or university
  • There is always someone to help you get started or to get better  - just ask us!


Click here, to find the Christmas 2017 Quiz; answers are here (when you are ready for them).

What is Youth ?

As far as we are concerned - anyone of school age counts.  Which does means quite an age range and potentially quite a range of experience.  The youngest we see regularly at youth events are about 8 years old but there is occasionally one who is younger.

Sunday Pairs
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