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Becky Mosbacher will be teaching "A Taste of Bridge" Through the Lifelong Learning Center March 27th and April 18th  (  She is currently hosting a beginners play and discuss session Tuesday evening 6-8 pm for no charge...

Member Honors

Congratulations to Andy Knutson
Andy was an ACBL-wide  Mini-McKenney winner in the 20-50 pt category (#25). And... #22 in the Ace of Virtual Clubs winners. Way to go Andy!!!

Jerry Dunst and Thomas Combs are the newest members of the Bridge With Brando 70% Club



New members of Bridge with Brando's 70% Club: Mike Bryan and David Bell.


Check out the Bridge Bulletin December 2023 page 32 (Club News):
"Fred's Idea" GCDBC participated in the U of M Homecoming parade passing out candy and information cards. A Good Time was had by all and they  signed up to do it again next year!


Club Policies

The Garden City Bridge Club is a non-profit organization (501-c7) and is Open to the Bridge Playing Public.

The Club uses The Common Game library as a source of hands for our games. This allows us to compare our results with the much larger field of other clubs using the CG library (up to several thousand players). The Common Game also has postmorten hand analyses by experts, and we can get personal results analysis and tutorials.
Hand records are available for all our games.


  General Rules

Vaccinations are no longer required to play in person as per ACBL guidelines May 2023  Masks are optional. The club follows ACBL guidelines for games and tournaments.