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Need a partner? Contact Marilyn Dalton at (506) 847 4363

Welcome to Fundy Duplicate Bridge Club
Fundy Duplicate Bridge Club
Fundy Duplicate Bridge Club

Welcome to the web site for the Fundy Duplicate Bridge Club. The club has suspended face-to-face play and will go back on BBO.

The Fundy Duplicate Bridge Club is sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. We are part of Unit 230 (New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island) in District 1 (Eastern Canada).

Breaking News!

Team (Danish Swisssmiley) game Saturday October 30 1 PM on BBO. Pre-register with Dave Fraser ( or 506 849 7922) your team of 4. Let me know the captain's name.

I will send game registration info on the 29th. Pairs looking for teammates can also register with me. I will attempt to match you with another pair.

Fundy is online during the indoor mask mandate.

Every Tuesday 7 PM on BBO

Every Thursday 7 PM on BBO

The limited masterpoint games have moved to Tuesday:

0- 20 pairs: Tuesday 7:10 PM

21-399 pairs: Tuesday 7:20 PM

(Check other club websites for their face-to-face and online plans)

If we can't play in person due to weather, facility unavailability, or NB Public health rules, we will play online on BBO.

Local & Virtual Club Game Schedule - see updated list at right --->

North American Pairs (NAP) Qualifying games:

1. Flight A Open to any player

2. Flight B Players with less than 2500 MPs as of the June 2021 masterpoint cycle*

3. Flight C Non-Life Masters with fewer than 500 MPs as of the June 2021 masterpoint cycle.*

Those scoring 50% or above and/or in the top half of their strat will qualify for the District finals sometime this fall. ACBL will email those who have acheived the qualifying standard.

The District winners qualify to go to the NABC NAP finals Spring 2022 in Reno NV.

New Alert and Announcment procedures are now in effect! There is lot of detail in the documents on the ACBL website, but luckily the January issue of the ACBL bulletin has an article on p. 35 (continued on page 50) that gives the main highlights.

Here is a summary of the highlights (that most likely apply to Fundy players):

New Pre-alerts (at the beginning of the round)

- strong club system You could say  "We play a strong club" or type "strong club"

- 1 club could be short . You could say "We play 1 club could be short" or type "1 club could be short" (also see change to the Announcement for this)

- don't have to pre-alert if you lead low from a small doubleton, but must be included in the answer if you are asked about leads and carding

Alert changes (remember we use self-alerts online and in face-to-face the partner alerts the bid)

- do not have to alert natural jump shifts in an uncontested auction, whether weak, intermediate or strong

(Updated) - Alert these bids:  "A Natural Opening suit bid at the 2 or 3 level that may contain 12 or more HCP. This does not apply to an Opening in fourth seat" If you aren't sure what your opponents' agreement is with a 4th seat 2 or 3 level opening, you should ask.

(Updated) - Pre-empt overcalls that are at least Average strength should be Alerted. "After a Natural 1-level suit bid, a Natural jump overcall that shows at least Average strength."

(Updated) - no Alert is required for a "reverse" bid that does not promise extra strength. 

- direct cue bid that is not Michaels requires an Alert e.g. 1 club - 2 clubs where the 2 club overcall bid shows a club suit needs to be alerted. If your 2 club overcall shows, for example, spades and diamonds (which is not Michaels) then it needs to be alerted.

- do not have to Alert support doubles or redoubles

- alert an opening 2 club bid that does not meet the definition of Very Strong

“Very Strong”: A hand that contains:
i. at least 20 HCP; or
ii. at least 14 HCP and is within one trick of game assuming suits break evenly among the other hands.
iii. at least 5 Control Points and is within one trick of game assuming suits break evenly among the other hands.


- 1 no trump ranges still need to be announced ("15-17" "11-14" or whatever you play)

- instead of saying "transfer" say the suit. e.g. if your partner opens 1 NT and you bid 2 hearts as a transfer to spades, your partner would say "spades" not "transfer" (online if you bid 2 hearts type "spades")

- if you play  that 1 NT - 2 spades is a transfer to clubs - say "clubs"

- but if you play 1 NT - 2 spades shows either minor say "alert" even if the opener is supposed to always bid clubs

- for a 1 club opener that could be short, you must say the minimum number expected e.g. "could be one" or "could be two". Note you need to pre alert this (see above). Also note that if your expected minimum length is 3, that is standard and does not have to be pre-alerted or announced

Delayed alerts

- alerts should not be delayed online. My understanding of this is that control bids should be self alerted. But keycard asking or answers would be explained after the bidding.

- declaring side should explain any delayed alerts or control bids used in the auction without the requirement for the defense to ask about them.



Introducing ACBL’s Guest Membership option – a FREE way for players and students to try the benefits of ACBL membership.

I would like you to seriously consider obtaining this free 4 month membership, because in addition to the benefits listed below, it will make signing up for our games much easier (no blocking) plus you can play in any game in our pool of clubs (Fundy, Codiac, Fiddlehead, Shediac), and it will ensure you are in the right stratification (non members are put in the A strat)

 What can players do with a Guest Membership?

  • Play in any club or tournament game
  • Earn up to 20 masterpoints®
  • Read online editions of the Bridge Bulletin
  • Receive ACBL Live and Live for Clubs results emails

Guest Memberships are completely free, last for 120 days and are only available to brand-new members (no previous or current members). Masterpoints will be filed as unrecorded and become permanent upon joining with a full membership.

The membership form is available at the following link:

*** Important *** When you get to the Recruiting club number - fill in with the Fundy club number 129981, this will link you to our club and pool.

Any questions please contact me.

Dave Fraser (506 849 7922)

Fundy ACBL members can participate in the Moncton (Codiac), Bridge Shediac and Fiddlehead (Fredericton) virtual club games

Our first virtual club game was held April 28 on BBO with 12 tables! Results can be found by clicking on Results on the left or under Latest Results on the bottom right.

Face-to-face Bridge at Assumption CANCELED until further notice. Please watch your emails or the web site for further info. Please pass along to folks who don't have email.

See below for list of our players who achieved top three finishes in the Ace of Clubs (points earned at club) and Mini-McKenney (all points, except on-line) competitions in 2019. Well done!

Top 10 lists results Ace of Clubs Unit 230

Top 10 results Mini-McKenney Unit 230





Congratulations to...

Ace of Clubs (Points earned at club) - Unit 230 - NB & PEI

5 - 20 masterpoints

2nd      Greg Russell              38.34 masterpoints

100 to 200 masterpoints

1   John McCumber               56.93

200 to 300 masterpoints

3   Darlene Fraser                  49.46

300 to 500 masterpoints

1   David Fraser                     75.29

2   Mike Reinhart                   75.10

1000 to 1500 masterpoints

3   Grant Godfrey                   89.59

2500 to 3500 masterpoints

3   Edward Hynes                  90.54

3500 to 5000

1   Norman O'Brien               77.03

5000 to 7500

3   Linda Cobham                93.78

over 10000

1 Gerald Laflamme              200.28

Mini-McKenney (all points earned, excluding on-line)

5 - 20 masterpoints

1            Greg Russell           47.09

100 to 200 masterpoints

2            John McCumber     70.97

200 to 300 masterpoints

1            Darlene Fraser        105.31

300 to 500 masterpoints

1            Mike Reinhart        147.14

2            David Fraser          146.06

1000 to 1500 masterpoints

1            Grant Godfrey       186.63

3            Lois Sherwood      152.36

1500 to 2500

1            Howard Huynh      270.52

3            William Springer   140.49

2500 to 3500

3            Edward Hynes       122.27

5000 to 7500

3            Linda Cobham       167.43

over 10000

1            Gerald Laflamme   290.66

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

2020 Tournament Schedule:

March 13 -15, 2020 - Joe Currie Memorial Sectional. Mount St. Vincent University. Halifax NS. CANCELED

April 18 - 19, 2020  - 7th Annual Codiac 299er Sectional. Moncton Golf & Country Club. Riverview NB. CANCELED

April 24 - 26, 2020 - Don Cox Memorial Sectional. Best Western, Truro NS CANCELED

May 12 - 17. Lobster City Split Regional. Summerside Credit Union Place, Summerside PEI. CANCELED

May 22 - 24, 2020 - South Shore Sectional. Best Western, Bridgewater NS. CANCELED

June 30 - July 5. CAN-AT Regional, Lord Nelson Hotel and Suites, Halifax NS. CANCELED

August 14 - 16, 2020. Loyalist Sectional. Quipamsis Civic Centre, Quispamsis NB. CANCELED

September 11 - 13, 2020. Moncton Fall Sectional. Four Points Sheraton, Moncton NB.

October 16 - 18, 2020. Spud Island Sectional. Courtyard at Rodd Royalty, Charlottetown PEI.

November - TBA

Other Bridge Games in the area:

Valley Duplicate Bridge Club - Friday - 7 PM - St. David's United Church, 7 Gondola Pt. Road, Rothesay NB. Contact Barry Budge 506 849 2371 or

Information Updates

What is the NAP? - see this link:




Local virtual games

Tuesday 7:00 pm (Fundy) BBO

Tuesday 7:10 pm (Fundy) 0-20 game BBO
Tuesday 7:20 pm (Fundy) 21-399 game

Thursday 7:00 pm (Fundy) BBO

Friday 7:00 PM (Valley) BBO

Other Virtual Games

Monday 1:00 PM Codiac

Tuesday 1:00 pm (Shediac)

Wednesday 7:15 PM Codiac

Friday 1:00 PM Codiac



Tournaments in 2021 and 2022

  Karl Hicks Memorial Tournament Sectional
Nov 19-21, 2021
Mount St. Vincent University,
Rosaria Building
166 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS B3M 2J6


Codiac 299er

Eastern Canadian Sectional 0-299 Tournament
April 9-10, 2022 Moncton Golf and Country Club
212 Coverdale Road Riverview NB

Saturday , April 9th and Sunday , April 10th

28th October 2021
Open Pairs
Bridgebase 7:00 PM
Director: Ron Duplisea
2nd November 2021
Open Pairs
Bridgebase 7:00 PM
Director: David Fraser
2nd November 2021
0-20 Pairs
Bridgebase 7:10 PM
Director: David Fraser
0-20 Pairs
Director: David Fraser
Scorer: David Fraser
Open Pairs
Director: David Fraser
Scorer: David Fraser
21-399er Pairs
Director: David Fraser
Scorer: David Fraser