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Mentor Night
7:30pm Wednesday, July 8
7:30pm Wednesday, July 22
PreRegister with Rosemary

Limited Game
0-200 Game 1:05pm
Monday & Thursday

Limited Game
Newcomer Game
Tuesday & Friday

1 pm 0-50 Limited

Limited Games
0-500 Limited Game


Evening Games

7:30pm Open Games

RoRo Zoom

3pm Beginner's
Play of the Hand

Barnet Shenkin
Tips from the Champions

10am Tuesday
Free Lesson

New 0-1000 Limited Game
1:05pm Wednesday
1:05pm Sunday

Upgraded Club Championship
Week of July 27 - August 2
Double Masterpoint Awards
Win 25% Gold/75% Black
$7 Entry


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Barnet Shenkin Lessons
Barnet Shenkin Lessons
Lessons with Barnet Shenkin
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