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2021 BBO Event Schedule

0-100 Newcomer Game
1:05 pm Tuesday
1:05pm Friday

0-300 Limited Game
1:05pm Thursday

0-500 Limited Game
9:30am Monday-Friday
1:05pm Saturday

0-1000 Limited Game
1:05pm Sunday
1:05pm Monday
1:05pm Wednesday

0-1750 Limited Game
5:30pm Saturday - Sunday

7:30 pm Evening Games

7:30pm Open Games

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Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale Bridge Club

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Beginner Lessons

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Barnet Shenkin's
Hand of the Week


Playing Again for Scotland

Click on the Hand to view

Hand of the Week 26

7:30pm Wednesdays
$10 Entry fee for Mentee
If you Need a Partner

Must Register before 10pm Tuesday
Email Rosemary

Rosemary Boden Free Lessons
Rosemary Boden Free Lessons

RoRo Zoom

Fridays 3pm
Robin Kupperman  & Rosemary Boden
host a Q&A Session focusing on
Bidding and Play of the Hand
for Beginners
To participate send email to :
Include RoRo Zoom in the Subject Line


District 9 99er's Nite Club

District 9  - 99er's "Nite Club" Event Schedule

  • 5:00 PM EST - Registration Opens on BBO

  • 6:30 PM EST Welcome Zoom Reception

  • 7:00 PM EST Game Time
     Look for D9 99ers Game

  • 9:00 PM EST  Zoom Post Mortem
  • Featuring assorted teachers
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Board Meetings 4:00pm First Monday of Month

The Friendly Gay Bridge Club

Board Meetings 5:00pm First Sunday of Month

District 9 99er Daily Results