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2020 BBO Event Schedule 

Friday RoRo Zoom
3pm Beginner's
Play of the Hand

0-50 Limited Game
Newcomer Game
Tuesday & Friday

1 pm 0-50 Limited

0-200 Limited Game
0-200 Game 1:05pm
Monday & Thursday

0-500 Limited Game
0-500 Limited Game


New 0-1000 Limited Game
1:05pm Wednesday
1:05pm Sunday

Evening Games

7:30pm Open Games

Barnet Shenkin
Tips from the Champions

10am Tuesday
Free Lesson

Upcoming Mentor Night
7:30pm Wed, August 19
PreRegister with Rosemary


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Barnet Shenkin Lessons
Barnet Shenkin Lessons
Lessons with Barnet Shenkin
Provide BBO Username
Release 2.19n
Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale Bridge Club

This Week – Tuesday 10 am

Exciting deals from World hampionship Rio 1969.
Last for the in invincible Blue Team before they retire

All New Deals

Audio via Zoom

Join Barnet’s meeting and watch his Shared Screen

Join Zoom Meeting

 Barnet Shenkin's
Hand of the Week

Barnet Discusses 
Bidding and 
Play of the Hand

Click on the Hand to view

RoRo Zoom
RoRo Zoom

Fridays 3pm
Robin Kupperman  & Rosemary Boden
host a Q&A Session focusing on
Bidding and Play of the Hand
for Beginners
To participate send email to :
Include RoRo Zoom in the Subjust Line




The BBO software is designed so players will alert their own bids. This "self-alerting" is the opposite to the practice in live bridge clubs.
If you have any doubts as to whether to alert your bid, it is appropriate to alert.


If an opponent asks the meaning of your bid, you are expected to answer them quickly and politely, even if you believe the answer is obvious.
If there is no explanation of the bid Call the director immediately



To self-alert:
Click on Alert
Enter a short explantation of your call.
Click on you call.

ALERTS are only seen by Opponents
DO NOT table text Bid Alerts &

DO NOT text remarks concerning partner's bid

Click here on How to Create A Convention Card

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