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Timing for all MMFBG Sessions at 2.50 pm for 3.00 pm start every day 

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Vu Bridge

Vu-Bridge (ACOL version)
chosen by the EBU!

Read more about the English Bridge Education Department and FREE V-Blue for all EBUTA Teachers: Click here

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V-Blue - Almost 1000 hands to play - 48 Lessons - ACOL and Standard American versions available

Session Payments
Payments Methods

Payment Methods for Table Money

There are 2 ways you can pay the Table Money. You can pay for yourself only or for you and your Partner in 1 go.

1   You can pay the Table Money by Bank Transfer 2 days in advance to FBG Bank Account.


Account Name: Friends Bridge Group.

Sort Code: 09-01-27

Account Number: 44904489

Reference: Please enter your Name/Membership No. as above. + date of Game in 4 figures

example: If your Name is John Smith paying for session on 09/10/21 then enter JohnSmith0910 as reference.

If you are registered member then please use your 4 digit membership number followed by Date.

This is required to correctly allocate the money to your account.

If you do a Bank Transfer please inform us immediately so that we know. 


2.  Payment by Debit/Credit Card

You can pay Table money either for yourself or both of you together by Credit or Debit Card on Payment platform provided by Square.

Please note Payments made by Credit or Debit Card are non refundable, and by clicking on Pay link you agree to these terms.

You can pay by Visa, Master Card or Americn Express Card

There will be a link for each session here when available. 

1. For SIMS Duplicate Session Please click on PAY to pay £2.50/player. This link is valid till 15 March 2022 and you can pay more to your account. Just pay for more Entries. Example if you want to pay £10.00 to cover future games too please select 4 entries and £10.00 will be collected and added to your account and you can check that on the website.

On completion of the payment your registration will be confirmed and if playing on Real Bridge your link to join will be emailed to you.

Thanking you all for your support 

Welcome & enjoy the sessions.