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Vu Bridge

Vu-Bridge (ACOL version)
chosen by the EBU!

Read more about the English Bridge Education Department and FREE V-Blue for all EBUTA Teachers: Click here

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V-Blue - Almost 1000 hands to play - 48 Lessons - ACOL and Standard American versions available

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FREE Duplicate BBO Sessions on MMFBG

FREE Duplicate Bridge Sessions on MMFBG, BBO Free Tournaments

All are Welcome to join, more the merrier.
BBO MMFBG FREE to start by BST 3. 05 pm-15 boards/5 rounds of 3 boards each @ 18 mins a round

Pls note:-the following support is provided on the above session like instant SUBS, TD 1/2, Score adjustment, Undos just on bidding, Time Extension only on last round, constant tourney status and Temporary Robot.  All are most welcome 

Next 2 Sessions:

Tuesday 05/07/22 BBO ID -54521

Wednesday 06/07/22 BBO ID - 59323

Ecats Charity SIMS
Real Bridge
Director: Madhusinh & Manjari
IMPs Tourament
Real Bridge
Director: Madhusinh
Normal Duplicate
Director: Madhusinh Rawji
Scorer: Madhusinh Rawji