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Welcome to Friendly Bridge SW
About Us
About Us

Welcome to Friendly Bridge SW, we are a private bridge club whose purpose is to facilitate relaxed and friendly bridge sessions for people of all abilities.  The club is owned and operated by Gareth Evans.

Due to the current situation, Friendly Bridge SW is now operating exclusively online.  We currently have a Pairs League running with which works on two week cycles.  We also have twice weekly duplicate pairs sessions on BBO.  These are held at 7pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Duplicate Pairs Sessions

We are now holding twice weekly Duplicate Pairs sessions on BBO.  These are at 7pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Anyone who has registered with us can enter, to register email  Once registered, you can join a session by booking in up to 2 hours before start time.  If you don't have a partner you can seek one at the Partnership Desk which is on the same page as the Tournament Registration.  If you are willing to be a substitute and play to fill a half table, email me, and if needed, you will be invited to join the game for free.


If you play organised games on BBO you have to pay an entry fee in BB$.  You can buy these BB$ via the BB$ button on the BBO website.  Please be aware, if you purchase BB$ via the Shop on the BBO App, you will be charged a significant surcharge (about 60p more per $).  Also, please be aware that this is a foreign currency transaction, and some credit cards charge extra fees for these.

Winter Knock Out Tournament

The closing date for entries to our Winter KO Tournament is 31st October 2020.  Details below..

  • Enter as a pair
  • Each month you will be randomly drawn to team with another pair to play a 16 board match using IMP scoring
  • Results will only be affected by those playing (ie not influenced by random BBO results)
  • You stay in the competition until you have lost twice (so are guaranteed at least 2 games)
  • Entry fee is £5 per player to cover the whole of the tournament
  • Please enter by emailing and quote Winter KO Entry in the title

Pairs so far entered are

  1. John & Chris Cass
  2. Chris Webster & Lis Blott
  3. Margo Soakell & Andrea von-Kimmelmann 
  4. George & Judy Szabo-Toth
  5. Mary McKenzie & Gerry Gowling 
  6. Diana Thomas & Moyra Evans 
  7. Jan Hammond & Carole Ryemill
  8. David Cook & Bill Moody
  9. Tony Cherry & Andy Clark
  10. Mary Bignell & Judy Lloyd
  11. Lorna Price & Andrew Barnes
  12. Ian & Margaret Mundy
  13. David Jones & Jan Duncan
  14. Mollie Price & Charlie Molton
  15. Suzy Lawson & Bill Eveleigh 
  16. Adrian Meads & Peter Ellis
  17. Judith & Roger Smart
  18. Simon Rye & Howard Wigg
  19. Gareth Evans & Margaret Randell
  20. Tom Nolan & Keith Eltringham 
  21. Mary & Mike McConalouge
  22. Hillary Lewis & Len Hales
  23. Janine Clephan & Ken Leach
  24. Cedric Gunson & Chris Silverthorne 
  25. Win Bradley & MT Kerridge
  26. Mike Huggins & Irene Robinson
  27. Clive Walker & Dick Harrop
  28. Maddalena Pacini & Meriel Ellerby
  29. Anne Oppenheim & Peter Davis
  30. Beccy Alexander & Ann Fraser
  31. Carol Nolan & Jane Chapman
  32. David Yorath & Sally Masey
  33. Robin & Joann Harper
  34. Carol Broad & Pat Ridler
  35. Chris Melluish & Irene Poulton
  36. Graham Bartlett & Sylvia Roos
  37. Suzy Unwin & Jan Heaton
  38. Sue O'Hara & Sandra Cooper 
  39. Chris Evans & Gill Naden 
  40. Di Bazeley-White & Carol Crowdy
  41. Ken Griffin & Allan Peake-Payne
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