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Welcome to Friendly Bridge SW
About Us
About Us

Welcome to Friendly Bridge SW, we are a non-EBU affiliated bridge club whose purpose is to facilitate relaxed and friendly bridge sessions for people of all abilities.  The club is owned and operated by Gareth Evans.

Due to the current situation, Friendly Bridge SW is now operating exclusively online.  We currently have a Pairs League running with 50 pairs participating.  We also have twice weekly duplicate pairs sessions on BBO.  These will be held at 7pm on Monday and  2pm on Thursday.

Alan Ashton

I'm sorry to report that Alan Ashton passed away on 19th May. He was a regular player at Stoke Bishop and our thoughts are with his family at this time. 

Duplicate Pairs Sessions

We are now holding twice weekly Duplicate Pairs sessions on BBO.  These are at 7pm on Mondays and  2pm on Thursdays.  Anyone who has registered with us can enter, to register email  Once registered, you can join a session by booking in up to 2 hours before start time.  If you don't have a partner you can seek one at the Partnership Desk which is on the same page as the Tournament Registration.  If you are willing to be a substitute and play to fill a half table, email me, and if needed, you will be invited to join the game for free.


If you play organised games on BBO you have to pay an entry fee in BB$.  You can buy these BB$ via the BB$ button on the BBO website.  Please bne aware, if you purchase BB$ via the Shop on the BBO App, you will be charged a significant surcharge (about 60p more per $).  Also, please be aware that this is a foreign currency transaction, and some credit cards charge extra fees for these.

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