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Hi All,

I have done up some emails with pictures to help people with Bridge Base Online.  It is easier for some people to manage than others and I am happy to help if you are having difficulty.  The emails start with how to join BBO, but there are ones on how to see someone's profile, how to put in what system you play, how to add contacts, see who is onine, if you are vulnerable etc. 


I would be happy to email these to anybody who needs it or help people through if they need.  You can find me on the Four Season's WhatsApp group and send me a PRIVATE message (not on the group messaging system).  If you can't find me this way Freda can give you my number.






Wednesday morning bridge in Dun Laoghaire / Monkstown with free parking


Welcome to the Four Seasons Bridge Club in the Dun Laoghaire / Monkstown area.

All players who play bridge on BBO must be current members of the CBAI. 

If any of your friends want to join us for  a game, ask them to send me their name and user name and I will add them in.




Because of the prevalence of unethical and dishonest behaviour by a small minority of online bridge players, the CBAI has asked the club to remind you about requirements for ethical behaviour at all times. There are daily reports of people perceived to be deliberately CHEATING when playing online. All members should be in no doubt that the CBAI is taking this issue extremely seriously and there will be consequences for anyone found to be cheating.

Club TDs or Online Managers should endeavour to ensure that all players are aware of what actions as acceptable and which are definitely not – e.g. providing explanations in the chat area for partner to see as well as opponents is NOT acceptable, the alert area only should be used. 

Clubs playing on the CBAI platform are required to note the following:

1. All players must enter their real names in their user profile. Preferably enter both names but a Christian name only is acceptable

2. If visitors are playing in a club the club must have the visitors’ CBAI affiliation number

3. No unaffiliated players may play on the CBAI BBO platform

4. Local Master Points will be awarded in accordance with the CBAI Master Point Scheme for all events. The following instructions to be issued to all people playing on the BBO CBAI platform - Whether you are playing in your local friendly club or you are representing your country you must adhere to the international rules of bridge. CHEATING IS CHEATING WHETHER ONLINE OR IN A FACE-TO-FACE GAME, AND IT WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE SAME DISCIPLINARY PROCESSES, THE SAME SANCTIONS AND THE SAME POSSIBILITY OF BEING NAMED PUBLICLY IF CONVICTED.

All those wishing to play on the CBAI BBO platform must a) Confirm to their club that they have read this document. b) Ensure that the club has their CBAI NBID number c) Enter their REAL NAME in their bridge profile on BBO – Christian name is acceptable if you don’t want to give your full name. d) Ensure that they always play according to the rules of our game Those who have concerns about the actions of another CBAI member should raise them with your TD or Online Club Manager and should not make public accusations or insinuations on social media.

A. Self-Kibitzing THIS IS CHEATING

B. Having another person kibitz and pass on information to you THIS IS CHEATING

C. Phoning/contacting partner during play THIS IS CHEATING

D. Communicating with partner when playing in the same house/room. Showing your hand, asking for a lead, suggesting bids THIS  IS CHEATING

Consequences The Tournament Director or BBO Online Club Manager is required to forward details of any unethical behaviour to CBAI Head Office, who will undertake a full investigation of any alleged wrongdoing. If Unethical behaviour is proven, the players will face suspension or expulsion from CBAI and notification of same to International Bridge








Important. BBO requires that all players must be current members of the CBAI. 

For the moment we are continuing with pay to play bridge. Players pay the table money themselves, using BB$ that they can fund to their BBo account using a credit card. The cheapest way to do this is to use the link on the BBO website itself. There are other methods, I use Paypal and it cost me €19.10 to buy 20 BBO dollars. This also limits participants in your tournaments to your members using an approved list, which a lot of clubs are doing. We intend to charge 3 BB$ per game. The table money is paid in BB$..

Theres is no prize money or any financial rewards of value, financial or otherwise. 







 Click this link for the photos.




28th April 2021
Mounttown Comm Centre 9.45
Director: Elizabeth/Freda
5th May 2021
Mounttown Comm Centre 9.45
Director: Elizabeth/Freda
12th May 2021
Mounttown Comm Centre 9.45
Director: Elizabeth/Freda
Director: Elizabeth/Freda
Director: Elizabeth/Freda