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Following HSE guidelines we have cancelled bridge until end of March.  We will review it then and keep you in the loop.  Keep and eye on this site for update at the end of the month. 

Keep safe and well.



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Wednesday morning bridge in Dun Laoghaire / Monkstown with free parking


Welcome to the Four Seasons Bridge Club in the Dun Laoghaire / Monkstown area.


Important Notice

 ♠   ♣ 

How BBO works : Set up your Bridgebase Online account and notify Freda

of your username; text 087 6357042

On the morning of the tournament log in 90 minutes beforehand and register to play (you and your partner must both be logged in for this). You can log out now but remember 
Make sure to log in again 15 mins before the Tournay. 
Please note that you need to stay active on the site or you may be logged off automatically. Play Solitaire, look around at other matches. Whereever you are on the site you will be pulled into the DL Tourney automatically when it starts.


We are now hosting online bridge using the website Bridge Base Online (BBO). These are two-hour tournaments of about 16 boards. They start at 10 a.m. and end at about 12 a.m.

Getting started with Bridge Base Online (BBO)

Google BBO and will come up.

Click Become a member (free). Enter your details. We would recommend that you enter at least your first name in the Real name box so that when we are playing against each other we can picture the other faces at the table. ACBL number can be left blank.

After you join BBO you may like to familiarise yourself with the play by clicking on "Solitaire" and then on the top option "Just Play Bridge (Free)". Here you can bid and play against 3 robots at your own pace for whatever amount of time you wish.

Send your username to Freda Fitzgerald so that we can include you in the list of people allowed to play in Four Seasons bridge club. Text 087 6357042 or email

How to enter for a tournament

Find a partner to play with in the tournament using your normal bridge contacts (your partner will also have to have joined BBO and informed Freda of their username).

Within 90 minutes before the tournament is due to start, i.e., after 8.30 a.m: -

  1. Both players in your partnership log into BBO using their usernames and passwords. (Do not click the “Invisible” tab.)

  2. One of the players registers the pair for the upcoming tournament. Under the heading ‘Play or Watch Bridge’ choose ‘Competitive’. Click on this and then choose ‘Free Tournaments’. When you click here you will see a long list of tournaments that are ‘Pending’. Scroll down this list until you find the following, Four Seasons Pairs ” (The Pending list is in minutes-to-start order.)

  3. When you find Four Seasons #nnnn Pairs” click on the words ‘Four Seasons’ whereupon you will be asked to Invite your partner. (Note your partner must be logged into Bridgebase for this to work and that you register your partner’s BBO username, not your own (the website automatically knows that the person doing the registering is the other half of the partnership). You can now leave the site until you log in again to play.



Play Bridge!

You and your partner must be logged into BBO when the competition is due to start. Please log in at least 15 minutes before the tournament start time. The site is getting very busy and it may take time to log in. Also, it’s helpful for the Director to know what players have turned up! You can have a look around the site while you wait and you will be automatically ‘pulled in’ to the competition when it starts.

During the play -

  1. You will see the players’ usernames at the table but if you want to know the real name, click on the username.

  2. At the bottom of the screen you can Chat. Click where it says “Lobby” and choose “Table” or “Tournament”. Do not choose Lobby or Kibbitzer. At the start of each round use Chat to Table to announce your system to the opponents.

  3. Ask for explanation : If you want to know what an opponent’s bid means, click on the bid and opponent will receive a request for an explanation.

  4. You Alert your own bids, not your partner’s. When it’s your turn to bid, if you want to Alert, first click Alert, add explanation if you wish and then make your bid.


Results are visible during the game on the top left MPS box.

Results of all tournaments you have played in are available by clicking the History tab in your account.

If you are having any problems getting going with these measures please give Freda

087 6357042

Please be aware that there may be teething problems on our side at the beginning and also that Bridgebase Online is experiencing a huge surge in numbers so there may be hitches on their side.










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3rd June 2020
Mounttown Comm Centre 9.45
Director: Elizabeth/Freda
10th June 2020
Mounttown Comm Centre 9.45
Director: Elizabeth/Freda
17th June 2020
Mounttown Comm Centre 9.45
Director: Elizabeth/Freda
Director: Elizabeth/Freda
#2758 Pairs Test Four Seasons.