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CONTESTS - BEGINNING MONDAY (December 13th) - we will have ONE contest that awards Free Plays - focused on the 3:45 game.

One freeplay will be given to the top 4 places for the Tuesday - Thursday 499er and Open games each week

We will still have an all-inclusive Masterpoint race each week for 99, 199, 299, 499, 749, and Open players but the only Free plays awarded are specific to the 3:45 games.



SOUTHEAST Bridge Club Consortium - BBO AND SEBCC

The SOUTHEAST BRIDGE CLUB CONSORTIUM (SEBCC) is a great group of clubs that have come together offering a wide range of: 

  • Game Days (Every Day of the Week)
  • Game Times (9:30, 1:05 and 7:05)
  • Games for different player levels (99er, 199er, 299er, 499er, 749er, and Open)
  • Tremendous opportunities for player development (see below) from nationally ranked teachers (Kevin Wilson and Jim Ricker)

The SEBCC Mission is to keep bridge players of all levels engaged and excited about bridge.  When we get back to Face to Face bridge, we want the players EAGER to show off their new skills and knowledge to their friends at your clubs.

Games Times/Player Levels - See the Online Calendar for our times and when we have special games

  • Free Postmortems
    • Monday-Saturday at approximately 3:15 we go over the hands from the afternoon session 




Junior Master

  • James Knight
  • Sandip Chatterjee

Club Master

  • Susan Grabiak
  • Leslie Harden
  • Charles Jamerson
  • Stephen Kaufman
  • Patti Klein
  • Ann Kline
  • Ann Lawson
  • Bonnie Lervik
  • Nurit Maor
  • Joanne Max
  • Catherine McQueen
  • Joanne Minelga
  • Justin Ryan
  • Gary Wald
  • Debra Willrett
  • Rebecca Zhang

Sectional Master

  • Alan Alaimo
  • Mary Kilman
  • Catherine Milton
  • Sharon Moya
  • Marina Nudo
  • Stephen Weber

Regional Master

  • Valerie Cozart
  • Geri Cullen
  • Bert Emma
  • Joan Gotti
  • Wallis Halperin
  • Elizabeth Harris
  • Vicki Hill
  • Dianna Owen
  • Wayne Owen
  • Michael Shulman

NABC Master

  • Jacquelyn Bates
  • Richard Campbell
  • Margaret Fulton
  • Valerie Lawlor
  • Camilla Matthews
  • Sally Peters
  • Sam Reddy
  • Debbie Sergi

Adv NABC Master

  • Jory Agate
  • Susan Bowness
  • Bonnie Gallagher
  • Bob Ihrie
  • Diane Landis

Life Master

  • Charlotte Bailey
  • Michele Bass
  • Diane Becken
  • Kathy Belknap
  • Juan Felipe Cuervo
  • Robert Guenther
  • Inda Hill
  • Mick Samples
  • Rupa Shah

Bronze Life Master

  • Tom Paul
  • Polly Webb
  • Louise Wells

Silver Life Master

  • Bindhu Aravapalli
  • Bernard Boucher
  • Tom E Bowers
  • Joanne Gray
  • Marta Heise
  • Janet McGlynn
  • Carole Reising
  • Stephen Saker
  • Rupa Shah

Ruby Life Master

  • Clauda Gifford
  • Roger Hill
  • Howard Hochman
  • Donna Holt
  • Gordon Link
  • Angela Snyder
  • Valerie Sokolov
  • Stanley Weiner

Gold Life Master

  • Eli Jolley
  • Melanie Riva

Sapphire Life Master

  • William Boynton

Diamond Life Master

  • Louis Glasthal

Emerald Life Master

  • Craig Allen
  • Lynne Cook

Platinum Life Master

  • Andrew Firko
  • Alan Senzel


Your Hosts/Instructors

Welcome to Kevin Wilson and Jim Ricker's Bridge Organization.  The instructors involved with this organization are world class

New January 2022 Classes

Tuesdays 1 PM Starting January 11th- Follow the Clues for Intermediates & Up     Click Here for Flyer

Wednesdays 6 PM Starting January 12th - Bidding Confidence for Adv Beginners & Up    Click Here for Flyer

Beginning Bridge Using 2 over 1 Lessons

Beginning Bridge Using 2 over 1 Lessons
Tuesdays at 10:15 - lessons last 1 hour on zoom
Send an email to to register
Part 1 - Bridge Basics January 4th  Basic - Bridge Mechanics
Part 2 - Basic Opening Bids January 11th  Opening a Major
January 18th  Opening a Minor
January 25th  Opening 1NT and Stayman
February 1st Opening 1NT and Transfers
February 8th Opening 1NT Review plus Attitude/Carding
Part 3 - 2 Over 1 and 1NT Forcing February 15th Introduction to 1NT Forcing
February 22nd 1NT Forcing Review
March 1st Introduction to 2 Over 1
March 8th 2 Over 1 Review
Part 4 - Competitive Bidding March 15th Competitive bidding Overcalls
March 22nd Competitive bidding Takeout Doubles
March 29th Competitive bidding Negative Doubles
April 5th Competitive bidding review
Part 5 - Defensive Bidding April 12th Defensive Bidding - Weak 2's and preempts
Part 6 - Opening Big Hands April  19th 2 Club openings and Ace asking
Final Review April 26th Final Review
1NT Bidding with Stayman and Transfers
1NT Forcing and 2 over 1
Takeout and Negative Doubles
Attitude and Carding