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CONTESTS - We have two contests going:


We have 

  • 199er Sections Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at 9:30  
  • 299er Sections Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings at 9:30
  • 499er Sections  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at 9:30 
  • Open Sections Monday thru Saturday mornings at 9:30

The FOUR players that have earned the most masterpoints in EACH of  the 9:30 catagories  will win a free entry the following week (separate contest for each section).  Once the winners are announced each week, if they buy an entry in any 9:30 game the following week, I will transfer BBO$ into their account to refund their entry fee the next Monday.

The intent is to have a separate game for the 199ers, 299ers, and 499ers but at the same time give the Open players the extra benefit from the subordinate tables.  


We have 

  • 299er Sections EVERY EVENING at 7:05 (for NAP it is 499ers)
  • Open Sections EVERY EVENING at 7:05

The TOP EIGHT players in the 499er game will get FREE PLAYS awarded IF they play again the following week, the OPEN EVENING Players are the same except they will award only the top FOUR PLACES.  I will transfer BBO$ into their account to refund their entry fee the next Monday.

The evening 299ers get 8 winners because the morning players get four for the 199ers and 299ers each.  




199er GAME Masterpoint Summary for Mornings (9:30) July 26-Aug 1

  • John Lowry-----1-----3.92
  • David Abernethy-----2-----3.33
  • Clyde Cleveland-----2-----3.33
  • Dianna Owen-----4-----3.14
  • Wayne Owen-----4-----3.14

299er GAME Masterpoint Summary for Mornings (9:30) July 26-Aug 1

  • George Kalb------1----10.68
  • Ronnie Marshall-----1-----10.68
  • Sharon Price-----3-----8.43
  • David Smith-----3-----8.43

499er GAME Masterpoint Summary for Mornings (9:30) July 26-Aug 1

  • Sheri Carryl-----1-----8.95
  • Shelly Baumann-----2-----6.27
  • Larry Schwartz-----2-----6.27
  • Anne Meyer-----4-----5.44

OPEN GAME Masterpoint Summary for Mornings (9:30) July 26-Aug 1

  • John Brady-----1-----21.66
  • Jeff McKee-----2-----16.13
  • Barbara Heller-----3-----13.31
  • Patricia Dovell-----4-----12.31


299er GAME Masterpoint Summary for Evenings (7:05) July 26-Aug 1

  • Jim Schaum------1----7.93
  • Kathie Schaum-----1-----7.93
  • Linda Newsome-----3-----6.72
  • Thomas Webster-----3-----6.72
  • Christie Gooch------5----6.00
  • Karen Magley------6----5.92
  • Sharon Hoffman-----7-----5.86
  • Janet Reed-----8-----5.62

Open GAME Masterpoint Summary for Evenings (7:05) July 26-Aug 1

  • Stephen Cooper------1----17.38
  • John Brady-----2-----15.76
  • A William Schmidt-----3-----15.69
  • Vera Carpenter-----4-----13.06
  • Rashid Khan-----4-----13.06



If you win, you must play again the following week (THIS WEEK) to collect your award.

SOUTHEAST Bridge Club Consortium - BBO AND SEBCC

The SOUTHEAST BRIDGE CLUB CONSORTIUM (SEBCC) is a great group of clubs that have come together offering a wide range of: 

  • Game Days (Every Day of the Week)
  • Game Times (9:30, 1:05 and 7:05)
  • Games for different player levels (49er, 99er, 299er, 499er, and Open)
  • Tremendous opportunities for player development (see below) from nationally ranked teachers (Kevin Wilson and Jim Ricker)

The SEBCC Mission is to keep bridge players of all levels engaged and excited about bridge.  When we get back to Face to Face bridge, we want the players EAGER to show off their new skills and knowledge to their friends at your clubs.

Games Times/Player Levels - See the Online Calendar for our times and when we have special games


  • Pre-Game Free Lessons by Kevin Wilson (Grypho) on 
    • 12: 00 Mondays - Hands of the Week
    • 12:00 Wednesdays - 12 Habits of Highly Successful Bidders
    • 12:00 Saturdays - Mail Bag
  • Free Postmortems
    • Monday-Saturday at approximately 3:15 we go over the hands from the afternoon session 




Junior Master

  • Kathy Ammon
  • Ronald Boggio
  • Susan Goodman
  • Laura Sherry Jessee
  • Lesley McLachlan
  • Cheryl Walker
  • Jody Wright

Club Master

  • Catha Abrahams
  • Patricia Bonetti
  • Mary Ellen Dowdy
  • John Gaines
  • Penny Larson
  • David Miller
  • Ron Olivares
  • Bob Orwig
  • Diane Ruggiero
  • Nina Shor
  • Meryl Silver
  • Mary Sophos
  • David Sutton
  • Sue Tennant
  • James Wiley

Sectional Master

  • Monti Beasley
  • Patti Beaulieu
  • Charlotte Ellington
  • Gay Gooderham
  • Dorothy Healy
  • Nancy Ilderton
  • Dave Knoyle
  • Kathy Pendegraph
  • Zoey Sanders
  • Tiernan Shea
  • Steven Stout
  • Debra Wade

Regional Master

  • Afsar Aslani Far
  • Jean Beck
  • Michael Davis
  • Hana Dawson
  • Joanne Duffy
  • Michael Duffy
  • Linda Frye
  • Paul Gefreh
  • Susan Hinderaker
  • Anne Kawas
  • Mary Kingsbery
  • Zach Kissane
  • Patricia Lewis
  • Deborah Masterson
  • Ann-Marie McBride
  • Mary Merrow
  • Mary Moore
  • Jacques Nacson
  • Carol Neville
  • Catherine Pickard
  • Ellen Primis
  • Robert Sain
  • Patti Suggs
  • Vicki Williams

NABC Master

  • Maritza Aubrey
  • Sharon Bartz
  • Jim Clark
  • Jacqueline Curtiss
  • Ellen Hertz
  • Judy Johnson
  • Barbara King
  • Susanne Kissane
  • Christine Nolte
  • Jack Potter
  • Rita Rehnberg
  • B.K. Sloan
  • Ramani Sundaresan
  • Philip Watson

Adv NABC Master

  • Amy Schumacher
  • Joy White
  • Beth Zampino

Life Master

  • Stephanie Baumann
  • Tammy Gray
  • Antara Keelor
  • Arthur Lebowitz
  • Penelope Moore
  • Ann Ruden
  • Ronald Whitney

Bronze Life Master

  • Gayle Booth
  • Gary Cole
  • Antara Keelor
  • John Malone
  • Kevin Smith
  • William Stevenson
  • Janet Tutera

Silver Life Master

  • David Erickson
  • Lin Li
  • Joy Mehta
  • Karen Pershkow
  • Julia Reed
  • Marie Richardson
  • Craig Smith
  • Janet Unckrich

Ruby Life Master

  • Wayne Hetzel
  • Martha Meyer
  • Tom Rusk
  • Alan Smuckler M.D.

Gold Life Master

  • David Albrecht

Sapphire Life Master

  • John Vega

Diamond Life Master

  • Kathleen Dwyer
  • Derrick Niederman

Emerald Life Master

  • Yasuko Shrenzel

Your Hosts/Instructors

Welcome to Kevin Wilson and Jim Ricker's Bridge Organization.  The instructors involved with this organization are world class

NEW May 2021 Classes


Wed 9 AM Starting May 19th


Mon 9 AM Starting May 24th


Wed Nights Beginning June 9th