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24th October

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1st November

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Nigel Richardson

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  BBO Exeter Teams League

September - October Series

This series should be completed by 24th October

New teams wishing to enter the next series (starting 1st November) should contact Nigel Richardson

12 board matches will be played. Longer matches may be played but it will be the first 12 boards to count.
Default for Barometer Scoring is "OFF". By mutual consent the captains my decide to leave it "ON".
In this series there will be 2 Leagues with two team promoted for the subsequent series.
Matches may be played any time but the captains should schedule their matches as soon as possible.
Team captains should log into
My EBU (Utilities, Leagues) to record date, results and confirm team line up.
It also helps all concerned if, as soon as you confirm a fixture date, you add it to the league table.

There will be an entry charge of £20 per team for the series.

BBO Introduction, BBO Teams Set Up Instructions and BBO Teams Cancel Instructions

The current status of the leagues is available on the EBU site.

Imp to VP conversion table (12 boards)

IMPs 0-1 2-4 5-7 8-11 12-15 16-19 20-24 25-30 31-37 38-46 47+
VPs 10-10 9-11 8-12 7-13 6-14 5-15 4-16 3-17 2-18 1-19 0-20


September/October team details - pdf download

League A League B
Willie Hamilton 07825122330 Sally Smith 01884 258596
Gillian Fawcett Jacqui Munns 07734 219859
David Southcombe 07850027392 Ian Guy 07429772432
Peter Bowles 07832219295 Tony Rusbridge 01392 461799
Viv Mably 07866 045233 Paul Guppy 01363 83397
Liz Matravers 01884 257133 Norman Pook 0164761389
Sheila Ferguson 01803 380113 Doreen Lomax 01404 46212
Nigel Richardson 01363 84097 Neville Lane 01392 861062
Douglas Dunn 07714 175078  


(Players highlighted in red have the experience to set up matches, click on name for email link)
Bank account details: Exeter Bridge Club, sort code 309314, account 02152900, ref. Teams (name).

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  Inter Club vs South Africa

Details for the match against Sally's South Africa team.
11 teams played 12 board matches on 16th June

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  Inter-Club vs Kevin Malone Bridge Club, Belfast

9 teams played 12 board matches on 2nd June
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