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General Information
General Information
General Information

Welcome to Evesham Bridge Club, which is affiliated to the English Bridge Union and the Worcestershire Contract Bridge Association. We hold 3 sessions of bridge each week to cater for all levels of experience.


Monday afternoon we play Chicago in a relaxed and social environment which is open to all levels of bridge player. It is the ideal starting point for new and inexperienced players. We take a break during the session to enjoy our tea and biscuits and a chat.


Tuesday evening, starting at 7 p.m., sees us getting a little more serious about bridge but it is still a friendly and social occasion. We hold competitions for our members whereby cumulative scores from all the Tuesday sessions count towards a trophy which is presented annually. Then on the second Tuesday of every month we hold a popular competition to win a prize for the highest scoring pair on that evening.  When duplicate bridge is played the emphasis is on this being a friendly session to help members learn and  progress painlessly onto the competitive Thursday Duplicate evenings.  We do not take a break in these Tuesday sessions but the bar is open and you may purchase refreshments to consume during the evening.


Thursday evening is the time we get serious and friendly rivalry is the order of business. Starting at 7 p.m., we hold our competitive duplicate sessions for the more experienced players who are expected to bring their convention cards (ebu20B) to club each week. Up to EBU level 3 conventions are in use and Master Points are issued in accordance with EBU guidelines and credited directly to your EBU account. The results of the sessions will be published on the results page of this site, normally within 24 hours, and also displayed on the club noticeboard weekly. These cumulative results are the basis for establishing the Club Champions and Handicap award. The Ilda Child's and Individual competitions, along with several simultaneous pairs competitions, are also held on a Thursday evening.


Over the winter months several teams take part in the Worcestershire C.B.A. Open, No Fear and Beginner leagues. These matches are organized between the Team Captains and are held, either Home or Away, in the members homes with the host team providing refreshments. It is a great way to meet and socialize with bridge players from other clubs.


We occasionally hold training sessions, either provided by our own in-house teachers or with outside professionals, to improve our technique at the game of bridge. Such sessions included  'Correct order of Play', 'Opening Leads' and 'Protective Bidding' with Andrew Kambites and Defensive Play with Ian Thompson. 




  • If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact the Club Secretary
Badsey Recreation Club - Meeting place for Evesham Bridge Club
Badsey Recreation Club - Meeting place for Evesham Bridge Club
Organisers' Rota for Monday & Tuesday Sessions
  • Monday Afternoon: Chicago: Maggie Ellis
  • 1st Tuesday:  Lance Evans
  • 2nd Tuesday: Julie Storrie
  • 3rd Tuesday:  Wendy Marchant
  • 4th Tuesday:  John Cotton
  • 5th Tuesday:  Organiser as available
Directors Rota for Thursday Duplicate
  • 1st Thursday - Ronnie Moore
  • 2nd Thursday - Roger Cooke
  • 3rd Thursday - Ronnie Moore
  • 4th Thursday -  Mark Stretch
  • 5th Thursday - Mark or Director as available
When to call the Director

At Evesham we have Directors who volunteer to organize and run our duplicate sessions whilst playing themselves. Their time is obviously stretched to the limit to cover both playing the hands and Directing if we make lots of calls for assistance. Do not be afraid to call the Director if a problem has occurred at your table, it is better to get advice immediately before mistakes are compounded and the wrong action taken by players in error, but call him for the right reasons.

Generally the Director should be called when there is an irregularity in the bidding or play as outlined in the EBU guidelines. Such as the following examples:-

  1. When there is a defender's exposed card
  2. When an opponent has corrected any information he or his partner has given - and this includes saying that something should or should not have been alerted.
  3. When there is any bad behaviour.
  4. When there has been an insufficient bid.
  5. When there is a dispute over a claim
  6. When a player can't (or won't) answer questions about the meaning of a call (or play).

There are times, however, when players can assist the Director by following set procedures and with common sense which makes for a smoother session for everyone. Here are some examples which we can all follow:-

  1. North should check that they are playing the correct opponents and the correct boards after each movement.
  2. Whenever North enters a score on the traveller, East should check it thoroughly. Not just give it a cursory glance to gauge how the result compares to other tables but specifically check that the information is correct: Pair Numbers, Contract, Tricks Taken, and the correct score recorded in the correct column.
  3. Unless there is a dispute about the score, there is no need for North to call the director when the traveller is completed incorrectly. At the end of the round North should go to the offending North and clarify the score. If it is amended to the offending North's advantage, then the East player who checked the incorrect score should agree the amendment.
  4. Errors on the curtain card can usually be remedied without recourse to the Director. E.g. If only 12 cards are written down, ask the other 3 players to check their cards. If theirs are correct just write in the missing card. Likewise, if the suits appear reversed, check with the other 3 players and if their cards are correct, then adjust yours.
  5. Boards should not be passed from one table to another until the director tells E/W to move. I know people are trying to be helpful but with two sets of boards on the same table, there is always the chance of the wrong boards being passed to the next table.