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Regular Weekly Sessions, Guests Welcome

Please register/be seated by 18-50hrs to allow the Director to get set up and the session to start on time

Monday night F2F. This session is EBU Level 2 (details on website)

Tuesday night F2F, open to all, any system 

Tuesday night BBO open to all, any system

Wednesday night F2F open to all, any system

Thursday F2F open to all, any system

In addition

Thursday night BBO with Ken Johnston's Stanwix Club  

Friday afternoon F2F with Castle Ladies (currently including Gents)

That's the week fairly well covered then!

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Here is the EBU description of Level 2, updated 1/08/2021. Don't be put off by the length - most members will be able to continue playing their existing systems. ..........

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Face to Face Bridge Conditions
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Conditions of Play 

Conditions for Play as at 26/03/2022

Face coverings are no longer mandatory

Double vaccinated players only. 

If you have tested positive for Covid, or have a cough, cold, sniffle - or feel unwell in any way - please STAY AWAY. ..........

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Play online on BBO

With no prospect of face to face bridge in the foreseeable future, These videos will help you get started in playing online on our Virtual Bridge Club. Just click on YOU TUBE VIDEOS PLAYING ON BBO in the Menu on the left.

Ken trying to earn a living
Ken trying to earn a living
Bridge Classes
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Standing Order Instructions

This can be printed off by clicking the menu link on the left.

Friday Pairs
Thursday Pairs
Wednresday Pairs
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Tuesday Pairs
Monday Pairs
Castle Ladies
Thursday Teams
Wednesday pairs
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