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Local clubs are restarting face-to-face bridge, but we will be continuing the Thursday evening BBO pairs for all local players who wish to continue playing online.

West of England Congress

The event will take place this year from 8th-10th October at the Winter Gardens, Weston Super Mare

For more information, go to the Somerset website

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Welcome to Herefordshire Bridge Association
Inhouse/Online Teams League and Knock-out

The In-House League and Knock-out competitions are being held this year, after a year and a bit out of action due to the pandemic.

Some of you may be be reluctant to meet in-house at this stage of the pandemic but you will be able to play the matches on-line, on BBO.  Many of you will have been playing on BBO and will be familiar with it, others may need to learn.  It is not difficult.  Help is available and some practice could be arranged.

If you and the opposing team would prefer to use a different platform for a match that would be ok, but you might find it better to stick to BBO to gain experience for your other matches.

There willl be the option to play at home or to play on-line throughout the season, so whether you are concerned about the pandemic, or not happy about travelling long distances, or driving in the dark evenings, you will still be able to play.

The format of the competitions will depend on the number of entries but will at least be as follows:

In the league all teams in a division will play each other, either once or twice in the season, depending on the number of teams in a division.  There will be between 5 and 7 matches.

In the knock-out each team will be guaranteed 2 matches.  If they do well they would expect up to 4 matches, depending on the number of teams.

PLEASE get some friends together and enter a team for one or both events.  The more entries we get the more interesting and enjoyable the events will be and the more people will enjoy playing friendly competitive bridge.

To enter a team or to get more information, please contact Mike Ralph directly, or contact him via the website (Menu option ""Information" >> "Contact Us").

Entries cost £16 per team for the league, £12 per team for the knock-out. 

Please get your entries to us by 25th September.  If you need more time that's not a problem as long as you let Mike Ralph know.


There will be weekly online pairs sessions on BBO every Thursday at 7pm. Entry is 3 BBO$.

These are open to all members of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire clubs, and other HBA members. They are EBU registered sessions with master points and NGS.


To participate there are three basic requirements:

  • You must be registered on BBO;
  • You have a deposit of at least 3 BB$ in your BBO account;
  • You need to be pre-registered for these sessions. This only needs to be done once. If you have already registered for the Ross-on-Wye Virtual Bridge Club, you will automatically be registered, so just turn-up and play.
    Otherwise, you must inform Chris Chowney at that your partnership intend to play AND supply your BBO log-on names and EBU numbers.

To find detailed instructions on using BBO, and how to join these sessions, choose the menu item "Online Bridge".

If you haven’t played online bridge before this could be an opportunity to start. We are also offering help on playing on BBO. If you are interested, contact us through the website (under menu item "Information") or email Chris Chowney.

There are also YouTube videos that show the various processes being used. These can be found on the Ross-on-Wye Bridge Club home page.

The difference from face-to-face bridge that most people struggle with is "self-alerting" so please check this out.


Thanks to Ross and Newent Bridge Clubs for providing most of the documentation.


Herefordshire Bridge Association is affiliated to the EBU, and is the umbrella organisation for the clubs in Herefordshire.

For a list of local clubs, use the "Local Clubs" menu option.

The HBA organises a programme of competitions that run from September to June each year.

It also enters teams into inter-county events, including the Western League.

All county competitions are open to full and dual members of the County Association. The restricted competitions (based on master point ranking) may also be open to non-EBU members.


If you are interested in learning bridge, please look at the list of local clubs (see Menu option above left) to find one near you that does teaching.

The English Bridge Education and Development website ( has a lot of information about learning bridge.


2nd October 2021
Western League v Devon (away)
RealBridge 2:00pm
27th November 2021
Western League v Wiltshire (away)
RealBridge 2:00pm
11th December 2021
Western League v Dorset (home)
RealBridge 2:00pm
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Gloucestershire & Herefordshire Green Point Swiss Pairs