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See the Virtual Noticeboard on the Home Page for announcements.



If you are seeking a partner(s) for pairs or teams post a message on the 'Bookings/Find a Partner?' page 

On Wednesday afternoon and evening  a host system is in operation, so you can turn up without a partner and get a game.


 Any comments or suggestions about this website are most welcome. Stuart Barker

On line
On-line Bridge

Guides to On-line Bridge

The home page of EBU has some general information about on-line bridge at The guide to getting on to BBO is at additional information about convention cards is here BBO Convention Card.pdf 

BBO is at  and information about buying dollars is at Dollars.pdf (many credit cards charge a fee but there are fee free ones)

David Glazbrook's Rough Guide to BBO is here David G guide.pdf 

YouTube videos are at

A comprehensive video guide to BBO is at

Our Club 

In our members only section you can see a list of members and their BBO aliases. In messages you can advertise for partners.

The club has its own on-line bridge competition on Tuesday afternoons at 2.00 using BBO. It is 18 boards and you can register upto 2 hours before. The cost is 3 dollars. If you have forgotten your EBU number you can look it up in the members section. Its name will be PAIRS EASTBOURNE BRIDGE CLUBS. Details at the bottom of the page

The club's own Fast Track bridge lessons are taking place at 11.30 on Saturdays on BBO.

EBU Events

The EBU events are at 2.00, 3.30,  7.30 and 9.00 every day, and there is a relaxed session at 11.00 like our Simple Systems see  There is also a practice session for students at 2.00 on Wednesdays and Fridays - see English Bridge Education sessions.pdf

Bernard Magee

 Bernard Magee is giving a free live talk on Monday Wednesday and Fridays at 11.00 on youtube. Free subscriptions via

Bridge Club Live

Bridge club live is on and this club is registered with them. (Our club email address is CLUB@EASTBOURNEBRIDGECLUB.CO.UK (for admin only)). Use contact us for normal communication

Eastbourne Event

Please make sure you have at least BB$3 in your account before registering. Just in case I have attached a guide for buying BB$. 

This week's event is ready in BBO for you to register from Noon. To register you log on to BBO and under 'Featured Areas' click 'Virtual Clubs' and then click 'EBU - England'. Finally you scroll down to our event where Eastbourne is the host. Click on the event (not the host) and you will be asked to nominate your partner (and if you wish to pay for him/her). If he/she is also logged into BBO and accepts the invitation you will both be registered in the tournament. You need do nothing else and at 2:00pm you will be taken to the event and your first opponents. Please introduce yourself to the new opponents.

Please be registered in the event on BBO by 1:50pm. Please don't leave it till 1:50pm to log on. You can register anytime from Noon and come back at 1:50pm (but not later). Now I have created it, the event starts automatically. It doesn't wait for me or you so please be in good time as you cannot join after it has started. 

PS Just a word about announcing and alerting. Some people will be new to this so please be tolerant. Online you explain your own bids not your partner's. So BEFORE you make a bid which face-to-face your partner would announce or alert you should type an explanation on the line in the bidding box. So if you are about to open 1NT you should type '12-14' or whatever your range is in the yellow box and then click 1NT. If you forget then you can just click on the bid after you have made it and add it or if your opponent forgets you can click on the bid and they will be asked to explain it. Above all, be friendly.