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General Information

Reminder to all EBC players.

Playing Bridge using Travellers

Travellers are used to record the results after players have played the hands of the board to which that traveller belongs. The board number should appear on the front of the traveller (it is often also put on the folded traveller for easy recognition that traveller and  board belong together).

It is the North player’s responsibility to enter the board number of all boards played in the first round and the results of all boards played by him/her and his/her partner in all rounds. The results for each hand played are entered on the front of the traveller and on the line starting with his/her pair number. Behind this pair number he/she puts the E/W pair number followed by the contract, who has been playing it (N, S, E or W), and the total number of tricks made (no plus or minuses please). The score achieved for the contract is then put in the appropriate column taking care of the vulnerability of the hands.

Travellers of the first board played on each table need to be completed with additional information in the manner described hereunder. Please make sure all information is entered clearly and checked by the player sitting East (if the scorer subsequently cannot read what is written he/she cannot make the session's final score result).

All players full names (Christian and Surname), pair numbers, positions (N/S or E/W) and table numbers must be legibly recorded on the back of the traveller of the first board played on the table they start playing. The director will normally issue the table numbers and inform N/S and E/W players what pair numbers they will have. It is the North player’s responsibility that the information is properly recorded (checked by the East player). Please also ensure the correct position of players is recorded; the players sitting North and East must be recorded as such. The courtesy of putting a lady’s name first for instance is not to be applied here.

Please note; a Bridgemate name code number is of no use on travellers. Name code numbers are only used when bridge session results are scored using ScoreBridge with Bridgemates. The North player enters the name code numbers for the players at his/her table in the Bridgemate at the start of the session.

Hereunder an example of what should be recorded on the back of travellers (Peter and Chris are sitting North and East, and John and Alan are sitting South and West):

........TABLE 5

N/S ..Peter Pound       7

........John Shilling

E/W .Chris Penny   .  10

.......Alan Farthing

Note 1: Although not obligatory it is customary to put a circle around the pair numbers (7 and 10).

Note 2: When pre-dealt hands are used for the bridge session the common practice of putting the North player's hand upside-down in the board to show that the cards in the board are to be re-dealt before use in a subsequent bridge session is to be omitted.  All cards in pre-dealt hands boards must be put back face down to avoid problems with the dealing machine when the boards are being prepared for a next bridge session.

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