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Welcome to Duplicate Lite & the Surrey Duplicate Bridge Club
Duplicate Lite Club Games on BBO

Duplicate Lite resumes play as a Virtual Club online on BBO.


Schedule:  Mon, Wed, Thu at 10:15 am.  Cost 4 BB$.


Sylvana Morici of the Sagamore Bridge club in New York has done an excellent job of producing some BBO training videos for her players. I could not come close to duplicating her efforts. So I am posting a link to her videos for you to enjoy. A big thank you to Sylvana. The videos are here:

The videos are focussed on exactly what you will need to find our games and play in them:

  • How to join BBO and attach your ACBL number.
    • (Already have a BBO ID?  BBO Home -> ACBL World -> Update your ACBL number.)
  • How to deposit money into your BBO account.
  • How to find our game and sign up for it (but look for Duplicate Lite, not Sagamore Pairs).
    • (In short: BBO Home -> Virtual Clubs -> ACBL. Then use a Search for Duplicate Lite.)
  • How to use the partnership desk.
  • How to bid & play on BBO.
  • How to Alert bids on BBO. (Alert yout own bids. DO NOT USE CHAT.)


The week of May 25 is a special ACBL Silver Point week. All games in that week will award silver points, and three times the usual number of ACBL masterpoints. Also in that week, the Wednesday game, May 27, will be a 299er game. Only players with less than 300 masterpoints will be able to join the game. Unfortunately, players without an ACBL number will not be able to play.  If you do not have an ACBL number, the system cannot validate that you have less than 300 ACBL masterpoints. 


Be nice to the director and to other players. Have your name in your BBO profile so that we know who you are. Introduce yourselves at the start of a round. Register for a game well in advance (but the game will not appear on BBO until 2 hours before game time). Both you and your partner must be online at the same time to register. Then be online and waiting 10 minutes before game time. Do NOT log in as invisible. Do NOT be playing in another game. Do not be in the Solitaire or Casual areas of BBO.  (If you do one of these no-no's, the game will start without you.) Just be online and wating. Undo is not allowed, so be careful.  Rounds will end even if you are not finished playing a board, so play quickly and claim when you can.  Chat with the other players only after your have finished the boards.


If you have any problems, explain the issue in a CHAT to VACB265157, our tournament host.


We have not found a way to copy the results to our web site.  But you can see the results at the ACBL Live for Clubs site:


P.S. The ACBL has some other BBO tutorials at

The East Delta Hall
The East Delta Hall
   10379 Ladner Trunk Road 
   Delta, BC    

Upcoming Events

299er Game - Every Second Thursday

We are continuing with our 299er section on alternating Thursdays. We have approximately half of our players choosing to play in this section. We want to remind everyone that only players with 299 or fewer masterpoints are eligible to play in this section. If you have more than this, please play in the Open section. Anyone can play in the Open section, regardless of masterpoints.

Game Information
Monday Game
Manager & Director:
Ben Takemori
Monday morning 10:15 to 1:45  
Open section and 0-199er section every week
Wednesday Game
   Managers & Directors:
   Ed L'Heureux  604-542-6116
   Jane Youngberg
   Wednesday morning 10:15 to 1:45
   Open section and 0-100 section every week


Thursday Game

Directors & Club founders :
John  Demeulemeester
Jane Youngberg
Thursday morning 10:15 to 1:45
Open section​ & 299er section (alternate Thursdays).
See Calendar for details.
Cost: $10.00 Includes, coffee, & snacks.  We are non profit.
   A Friendly and Welcoming Environment, Hand Records & Bridgemates
   Please wear your Name tag or Badge
Open & 299er
10:15 am to 1:45 pm
Director: John Demeulemees
Open & 99er
10:15 am to 1:45 pm
Director: Ed L'Heureux
Open & 199er
10:15 am-1:45 pm
Director: Ben Takemori
Results Errors

Contact Ed L'Heureux

and/or Bob Dillon

Thursday Game Schedule


March 19 Closed
March 26 Closed
April 2 Closed
April 9 Closed
April 16 One Section
April 23 299 and Open



East Delta Hall Car Pool

Contact Frank Vick at 604-535-5870.

If you need a ride or are available to drive, let Frank know.

Order Your Club Name Badge
   Club badges are available in
   magnetic and pin fastener.
   Magnetic are not recommended
   for those with a pacemaker. 
   Either type is $8.00 prepaid
   Contact Lauren Cockroft