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BBO Etiquette

1. Fill in your profile so others can see it. 

2. Put your NAME in profile

3. Announce your system at each table (if can be different depending on partner)

4. You must alert unusual bids by clicking on alert and not in the chat box. 

5. You cannot communicate with your partner in the chat box during play.

6. Introduce yourself and your partner at each table. This way you will know who you are playing against. 

7. Be polite at all times. Save terms such as 'Well done op.' 'Hard Luck op.' ' Thanks for game.' and use them in each game.

8. If someone is abusive to you, record their name and let BBO know. The person will be sanctioned. Bridge is a game there is no place for abuse. 


President- Ruth Shiel
Vice President & Hon Secretary - David Whitaker
Treasurer - Peter Chapman
Tournament Director - Helen Hearnden
Bridgewebs - Deirdre Waters
Monday liaison - Barbara O'Connell
Ex-Officio: Teresa Whitaker
Tournament Directors
David Whitaker - TD
Helen Hearnden - TD
Teresa Whitaker - TD 
Ann Marie MacGoris - TD
Peter Chapman - TD
Declan Doyle - TD
Katharine Verso - TD
Owen Fox - TD
Helen Waters - TD
The Origin of Playing Cards

The origin of playing cards ♠   ♣  

Playing cards originated in China and dates back to around the year 1120.  Originally cards were used for fortune telling and gambling. 
Cards were introduced into Italy and Spain around 1370, probably coming from Egypt and were introduced in Italy in 1440.

Bridge is based on the game of whist in that 4 people play and win ‘tricks’ and dates to 16th century

Bridge may be named after the Galata bridge in Istanbul, where British soldiers crossed the bridge to a coffee house to play cards.  Harold Vanderbilt introduced a scoring system in the 1920s

Acol bridge started in England in 1930s (called after Acol Road, Kent) first book written by Ben Cohen and Terence Reese

DLGC Bridge Club

DLGC Bridge Club can trace its history back to the foundation of the Golf Club.  The first record is in 1910 when the Council discussed the need to purchase a Book of Rules on Bridge. 

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News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Past Presidents
Past Presidents




2023/2024 Ruth Shiel

2022/2023 Teresa Whitaker

2021/2022 Teresa Whitaker

2020/21 Marie Daly

2019/20  Marion Fox

2018/19 Moya Murphy

2017/18 Clair Nason

2016/17 Pam Cooper

2015/16 Marian Rushe

2014/15 Marian Rushe

2013/14 Katharine Verso

2012/13 Piers Segrave Daly

2011/12 Helen Waters

2010/11 Marie Igoe

2009/2010 Larry McGettrick

2008/2009 Larry McGettrick

2007/2008 Martina Lee

2006/2007 Owen Fox

These are a list of presidents since Dun Laoghaire Golf Club moved to Ballyman Road. Unfortunately, we do not have all the names of past presidents since the foundation of the bridge club in the early 1900s. 

Last updated : 20th Nov 2023 07:04 GMT
Playing Bridge on Bridge Base Online
Playing Bridge on Bridge Base Online

 Here is some information regarding registering and playing on Bridge Base Online. 


1. Log on and register

2. Registering to play on Friday evenings

Before the tournament starts if you have a partner, anytime after 5.30 and at least 15 minutes before the tournament starts,simply log in to Bridge base online .  Click on

  • Competitive
  • All tournaments,
  • Then in search box (top right) type in CBAI125675.  (this will bring up DLGCBC Friday evening competition).
  • When you register, it will ask for the partner’s name put in your partner’s username.
  • At 7.15 check that you are still registered.
  • Make sure that your computer or electronic device stays alive until the competition starts at 7.30

3. Setting up your profile and include a basic system of play

Click on account tab, click other or Convention Card, type in your basic system e.g. ACOl, weakNT, 4CM, Staymen, Weak take out or Transfers.

Make sure you have your real name in

4. Adding my real name to my profile

Go to right, on account tab, type in your name, skill level (novice, intermediate, advanced). Save changes.

5. Adding comments or sending messages

Go to chat manager, to use chats that are used frequently, you can store a list of chats such as: Hi opps, we play ACOL and w/Nt, or Well done (WDO, or HLO (hard luck opposition), (TY, thank you,)  (tyvm – thank you very much), good try, great defence, enjoy game etc.

Or simply click chat and type in your message but make sure it is directed at table and not at tournament or lobby.

6. Getting results

At the end of the game, wait a few minutes and the results will come up. Otherwise, click on History tab, you will be able to see all the results and the hands as they were played. Select the one you are interested in.

7. What happens if my computer gets stuck during a game?

Simply log out of BBO and log in again and you will get back into your game.

8. What happens if my internet crashes?

Don’t worry, just text Declan (085 122 8417) and let him know, and he will replace you with a robot (ouch!!).


Last updated : 6th Sep 2023 15:36 BST


  •  Centenary Trophy: 28th September 2023 won by Piers Segrave Daly and Victor Ryan
  • Xmas Party 2nd December
  • Charity Night 27th January 2023
  • Trip to Galway weekend of 3rd March
  • President's Prize 14th April
  • Covid 19 Trophy Monday 17th April
  • Rose Bowl 16th April
  • Massey League 28th May
Last updated : 6th Sep 2023 15:44 BST