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President- Moya Murphy
Vice President -Hon Sec Marion Fox
Treasurer - Vera McCague
Maeve Cassidy 
Marie Daly
Jane Murphy
Past President - Clair Nason
Owen Fox TD
Martina Lee TD - Scorer 
Ann Marie MacGoris TD
Katherine Verso TD - Scorer
Helen Waters - TD Scorer
The Origin of Playing Cards

The origin of playing cards: 

The origin of playing cards was in China and dates back to around the year 1120.  

Originally, cards were used for fortune telling and gambling. 
Cards were introduced into Italy and Spain around 1370, probably coming from Egypt. 
Tarot cards, used for fortune telling, were introduced in Italy in 1440.

Our Bridge Club

The Bridge Club can trace its history back to the foundation of the Club.  The first record is in 1910 when the Council discussed the need to purchase of a Book of Rules on Bridge. 



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