Spade Heart Dorking Bridge Club Diamond Club
20th October
Bd 1

Misfit, however both   and ♠ s could be trumps.

An alternative bidding sequence could be:

1♠ -p-2 -p

3 -p-4 

though this sequence suggests a stronger hand and might lead North to explore for a slam.

On the original bidding West will probably lead the K which gives 12 tricks to N/S.

On the second sequence he may prefer the unbid suit and lead the top of sequence the 10♣ s which holds N/S to 9 tricks. 

KEY TIP - if you are going to a fairly certain contract do not give away informaiton to the opposition.

The 5♠ s singleton holds N/S to 8 tricks, but very dangerous leading a bid suit.

Bd 3

Shold North jump to 4 or 5  ? With 4 or 5 losers opposite a passed hand 5 makes it difficult for E/W and many have left 5 doubled in .

Bd 5

West should probably balance with a 5 card ♠ suit and bid 2♠ s. When it comes around to South he should probably raise partner with 2 honours in partners suit and 12 HCPs. Then East may raise partner but risky as partner bid in the balancing seat but the vulnerability probably suggests it may be ok. As the cards lay 3♠ s should go off 3 with a poor result of 150 versus 140 for the 3 s that should make.

Bd 6

North's 2 is fourth suit forcing.

South shows 5/5 in  /♣ s by rebidding the ♣ s.

The key question is how to play the ♣ suit? As the 6 outstanding ♣ s will split 66% of the time 4/2 and he wants 4 tricks he should finesse for the 10 first.

See Case here:

For all of these types of how to play the suit here is a good resource.

Bd 7

A good weak 2 opener..

North with 19 point, 3/4 losers and good hearts bids 2NT enquiry and South being strong shows his ♣ feature. 

North bids key card blackwood and gets the response of 2 keycards without the Q s so bids 6 s

Bd 8

Depending on the strength of your 1NT overcall most South's will bid 1NT, but some will think it is too good with the intermediates and 4Ss double first and then bid NTs (showing 18-19HCPs).

If south bids 1NT then North will invite 2NT and then South may bid 3NT as it is a good 17HCPs.

Bd 9

Computer shows 3NT can make - seeing both hands but as seen with the results not likely.

Bd 10

Standard pre-empt 3♣ .

North can support the majors so doubles.

South has two decisions - is he strong enough to go to game? No as partner might have stretched to double.

With 4/4 in the majors which one should he bid? Normally if only one bid best to bid the lowest. If South was stronger he could cue bid with 4♣ and ask North to bid the trump suit.