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Assorted Conventions
Unassuming Cue Bid

This is a way in your bidding when the opponents have bid to differentiate a distributional / pre-emptive raise of partners suit and a raise with good HCPs.

e.g. 1♣ -1♠ -p-2♣  shows a good raise of ♠ s showing around 10+ points.

The overcaller has these type of options:

2♠  weak overcall

2NT stop (s) in ♣ s and NT trype hand

3♠  invitational ♠ hand

3♣  balanced good hand - do you have a ♣  stopper?

3   good hand with a second suit.

It can also occur after an opening bid.

1 -1♠ -2♠  a good raise of  s.

Westbourne' article on unassuming cue bid

BidandMade's unassuming cue bid article


Fourth Suit Forcing

Often a partnership needs to clarify what suit contract or NTs that they want to play.

The bidding of the fourth suit does not promise it to be a suit. If playing fourth suit forcing this is an artificial bid and should be alerted.

A partnership needs to agree whether it is game forcing (12+ HCPs) or invitational (10+).

The opener needs to clarify his shape or if he has a stop in the fourth suit to bid NTs.

Bridgebums introduction to Fourth Suit Forcing 

Unusual No-trump

The overcall of the opposition's bid by 2NT (or  shows at least 5-5 in the minors (or the two lowest unbid suits if a minor has been bid. It is very similar in nature to the Michael's Cue bid which shows at least 5-5 in the top two unbid suits. Sometimes it will be bid at at a higher level e.g. 1 -p-4 -4NT is unusual!

You need to agree with your partner the strength of hand:

  • Weak
  • Weak and Strong (bid suits with opening points to say 16HCPs)
  • Weak to Strong.

Key Points

  • If weak have HCPs in the long suits
  • Vulnerability is important in the decision to bid.
  • Only bid it if you think that with support from partner you will have a good sacrifice as you give key distribution to the opponents who may make a borderline game with the information.
  • Partner responds as if partner is weak. With little in the way of defensive tricks or good distributional support  - show support for your best suit.


Michael Byrne introduction to the Unusual No-Trump

Bridgeguys introduction to Unusual-No-trump

Bridgebums introductoin to Unusual No-Trump

Defence to unusual NT

Simple Solution using basic principle: If you have an offensive hand either support your partner to the correct level. If in doubt bid to game that will make it more difficult for the opposition. The raise is normally distributional. If you have support and a good HCPs it is normal to bid one of their suits to show either a shortage or a control which will invite partner to look for a slam if he is also strong and has a suitable hand.

If you have 5 card 's in the other major bid it. A double normally shows values and 4 cards in the unbid major.

Unusual versus unusual is a more advanced defence




Michael's Cue Bid

Michael's cue bid is the bid of the opposition's opening bid and promises at least 5-5 in the top two unbid suits and is similar in principle to the "Unusual No-trump above.

Bridgebum's introduction to Michael's Cue Bid

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