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13th October
Bd 1

After 1  South is probably best to double - opening points and support for the other suits. North should jump to 2 s to show 8-11 points as he had passed. East does not have enough distributino to bid 3 s.

South has no extras so passes.

In duplicate leaving the opposition to play at the 2 level in a fit is not good so West should probably bid 3 s as delayed support.

North has reasonable shape and another  so can bid 3 s which will often make.

Bd 2

2♣ strong hand opener.

2  as with less than A and K (or relay to allow the strong hand to show hand).

2 5+ s

3  response is stronger than 4 as it allows the strong hand to find the best fit or explore a slam.

3♠ a cue bid (A/K or void/singleton) shows an interest in slam

4 cue bid which strengthens Easts KQ s

4NT Keycard Blackwood 

5♣ showing one of 5 keycards with 1430 (some will play 5  to show one keycard) 

6 missing only one keycard so is reasonable slam.


Bd 5

Does North open 4 or 3 ?

8 card suit but with the objective to be at most 2 down vulnerable (-500) and 6 losers many will bid 3 s 

Either way East will bid  s and then West has a difficult decision on whether to bid ♠ s with a 7 card suit, the reason why pre-empts are so powerful. With J9 s many will pass 4 s but bid 3♠ s (forcing) over 3 s and East will then rebid 4 s.

Bd 11

South's double shows support for the other 2 suits and 8+ (just) points.

Over North's 2♠ s some East's may bid 3 s and then South has to decide whether to bid 3♠ s or defend, as his hand is quite defensive. 

If in soubt with this vulnerability it is probably correct to bid on.

Bd 13

Classic weak 2 opener.

South will normally go via a 2NT enquiry or Ogust.

West could bid 3NT here which is an unusual NT showing 5/5 in the lowest two unbid suits.

North has to decide between showing a strong hand by showing his feature with 3 or bidding 3 to show a weak hand. 6322 distribution is not great but he has 7 HCPs and some tens and nines.

South will sign off in 4 s 6/3 fit with the trumps in the weak hand will probably play better.

5♣ s doubled goes 2 off and would be a top for E/W

The K♣ lead put's pressure on the contract as he will have difficulty in accessing the long ♠ s.

West can make a risky 4NT showing minors bid which works well here. North should pass as he has shown his hand.

East shows his ♣ s .

South has to decide and should probably go to 5 s as he has an offensive hand.

Bd 16

South's 2♠ is known as an assuming cue bid, which allows South to show normally a strong raise of partner's suit. If playing this convention it allows South to bid 3 s with good diamond support but not a lot of points.

For more information on the Unassuming cue bid

Bidding opposition's suit is often a good bid when you are unsure what to do and seek clarification.

Here North has a reasonable hand and a ♠ stop so if partner has more than minimum he may bid 3NT, but here he is minimum so bids 3 .

East has had no support, has a broken ♠ suit and North has at least one stopper in ♠ s so bidding on is probably not a good idea.

East has 3 card support but West has not been able to show his longer suit so probably with this vulnerability East has to pass.

Bd 17

There is a temptation to bid  s with this hand because of the nice 5 card suit and  doubleton. However it is balanced 5332. So after the 1NT response 6-10 HCPs and spades well stopped worth going straight to 3NT.

Bd 23

South has a weak 2♠ opener even with the terrible suit.

North has to grit his teeth and pass.

East with good stops and 21 HCPs should bid 3NT. South has 5-9 points and average of 8 + to his 21 points = 29 so N/W have 11 points so if his partner has his share of this we will be able to make 3N.

Those who play strong 2s will lead to

p-p-p-2N not a great shape but it shows the point count and then West has to decide whether to bid 3♣ stayman which will result in 3N. In his favour is that he has 4HCPs with goodish intermediates. The odds of finding a  fit are about 25%.

Bd 24

Safe 2 overcall.

To show a strong raise of  s West could use an unassuming cue bid of 3 s. So his bid of 3 s shows 4 s and is based on the law of total tricks.

East has an extra trump so based on the law of total tricks and a 6 loser hand bids 4 s.

When this comes back to North he may consider 5 s - risky but it puts pressure on East who must bid 5 or double.