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1430 Key Card Blackwood

To bid a slam you need to know how many Aces and Kings you have. It assumes you know that you have enough points (or tricks through losing trick count) and have agreed the suit.

There are various ways of doing this but Roman Keycard Blackwood is the most common and allows one to find the 4 Aces and the K of trumps (The 5 Aces).

There are two basic types so agree with your partner which one you use.

1430 Key Card Blackwood

4NT asks for the number of Aces and King of Trumps (5 Keycards). Trumps are either agreed or the last bid suit.

The responses are:

5♣ 1 or 4 keycards. (14! - why named 1430)

5 0 or 3 keycards (30!)

5 2 keycards without the Q of trumps

5♠ 2 keycards and the Q of trumps

Normally (about 75% of the time) it is the stronger bid that asks for keycards.


King Ask

5NT asks for Kings (except the King of Trumps). Only done if asker has checked that all keycards are held by the partnership.


0 Kings bid 6 of trumps

1 or 2 Kings bid 6 of the lowest K held.

3 Kings bid 7 of trump suit.


Q Ask

If the response of 0 or 1 keycards you may need to find the Q of trumps.

So if after

4NT - 5♣ C (showing 1 or 4 keycards)

5  (Next bid up)  asks for Q

No Q bid 5 of trump suit

Q but no K bid 6 of trump suit

Q but a K bid the lowest K e.g. with K♣ s bid 6♣ 

If the K is above the trump suit, bid 5NT


More Information Here.

This includes good examples and why 1430 version is better.



Beyond the first 4 responses it is possible to also show "useful" voids. The definition of useful voids is a void that could be useful, either a void in a suit bid by the opposition or a suit not bid by your partnership. A void in one of partners suits is not likely to be useful.

5N - Even number of keycards + a useful void

6♣ - Odd Number of keycards + a useful void


0314 Version of Keycard Blackwood

This is the same as above - except

5♣ = 03 0 or 3 keycards

5♦  =14 1 or 4 keycards

The main disadvantage with this version is that one can get to high on the Queen ask after a response of 1 keycard.